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Shaving Guide

Whether you want to rock a goatee, full beard, or prefer to go clean-shaven, you need to learn to take proper care of your facial hair. Shaving and trimming are important skills to master to keep your face looking sharp no matter the occasion.

How to Purchase Trimmers & Shavers

Electric trimmers and shavers are man's new best friend. Whether you need a clean, consistent shave on your face or an even trim "down there" before a hot date, these tools make it a breeze. 

Choosing Shaving Creams & Aftershave

Before shaving you will want to lather up with the right shaving cream. Or even better, just apply the right hair removal cream for the job and skip the shaving part completely. And remember, the process doesn't stop when you're done shaving and trimming. You still need to apply your favorite aftershave to protect your face and skin. 

Manscaping Guides

Learn the ins and outs of looking your all the right places 😉 Manscaping doesn't have to be complicated, so we've narrowed it down to the essentials you need to know before getting to work down there.

How-To Shaving Guides

Learn how to apply the perfect technique for a clean, smooth shave without any cuts or irritation. Once you buy the right tools you still need to use the correctly and give them maintenance so they last longer.

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