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How To Shave Your Balls: Groin Hair Trimming Dos and Donts


Every man should know that the body is part of their overall look. A well-groomed man is the sexiest, so personal hygiene is crucial, including shaving your ball hair.


If shaving your balls seems new to you, it is something you should consider. It can be embarrassing for someone inexperienced in shaving pubic hair to have a bush hang loose while enjoying a day at the beach.

It's not that some men don't want to, but more of they don't know how to shave balls. If so, keep reading to discover how to do it safely and easily.

Why It's Important To Learn How To Shave Your Balls


Body hair can mean masculinity, but it's necessary to keep them under control as part of your grooming needs. Shaving and snipping your body hair, especially at the base of the shaft, also makes your penis look longer, but that is just a bonus.

If you try getting intimate with your partner who decides to give you an oral, it will be a deal-breaker if she finds an untamed forest. Here are other reasons why learning how to shave your balls is essential and why you should incorporate it into your daily grooming practices:

  • Being too hairy in your intimate part makes it more prone to unwanted odor. 
  • The blade also sloughs away dead skin cells when manscaping, preventing accumulation that leads to clogged sweat glands.
  • If your balls are often sweaty, it pays to keep the netherhair in check to minimize bacterial growth.
  • Aside from that squeaky clean feeling, shaving your pubes or grooming excess body hairs can boost your confidence.
  • Enhanced confidence can improve social life, fostering more success in interacting with other people.
  • Keeping your pubic region tidy can enhance intimate moments since nobody enjoys a netherhair stuck between your teeth.
  • It will be easier for your partner if you have a well-shaven ball and will get rid of any obstruction during sexual intercourse.
  • Having no unkempt bush feels more comfortable, experiencing less friction from that region.
  • Studies show that more females prefer a clean, well-groomed private part, so a man who'd like better chances at oral stimulation should keep this in mind.

The Best Way To Shave Your Balls

Understanding how to properly shave your balls is essential when transitioning from the ape to the gentleman look. A young man learning how to shave his scrotum or the netherhair surrounding them is probably anxious about doing it correctly the first time.

However, not using the appropriate tools or the lack of knowledge of properly utilizing them often results in manscaping mishaps.

1. Invest In Well-Suited Manscaping Tools

Manscaping Tools
Manscaping Tools

Your ballsack skin is thin and delicate, and the last thing you'd want is trapping it between the blades. 

Knowing how to shave balls entails having the right tools necessary for manscaping.

First, you need a trusty men's ball shaver you can afford or a small pair of scissors to cut the netherhair close to your skin. Until you do the first step, you can't proceed with using the safety razor directly as such a tool can only catch short bushes.

An electric trimmer is convenient for eliminating some length and keeping things neat, especially when grooming your pubes. Besides, you can use the trimmer over the entire area, snipping the pube to a shorter length.

Trimming your pubes is simple; once you pick the tool you feel is right for you. Despite the straightforward process, it is a vital step towards achieving a well-shaven look for your intimate part. It's best to use a mirror to see the inaccessible parts as you carefully trim your bush.

It is helpful to exfoliate and clean the area thoroughly before manscaping with the trimmer. Any hair-removal process can open the hair follicles and put you at risk of infection.

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2. Preparation

If you think manscaping means merely running the razor over your balls, then that is where you are wrong. Prevent long pubes from sticking in your safety razor or snagging against the blade by trimming before snipping. Having a shorter bush allows for a smooth cut.

Remember that you need to do manscaping with more caution, especially if you're shaving as preparation for an intimate moment with your partner.

Nicking yourself is a bad idea if you plan on having sex after manscaping. Having sex with an open wound in your genitals puts you at more risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Also, once you trim long hairs first, shaving with a safety razor becomes more manageable.

3. Grab A Lubricant

Shaving Lubricant
Shaving Lubricant

Shaving takes a severe toll on your skin; exposure to tugging, the sharp blade, and possible moisture loss. An excellent pre-shaving routine makes your skin tender for a smooth gliding razor blade and minimizes pulling.

Moreover, with such a routine in place, it encourages the pores to open while preparing the hair follicle for a close shave.

It's best to use pre-shave oil before the cream to soften the skin and help you achieve a smooth sack and, therefore, a closer shave. Once done, apply a light layer of cream to your scrotum without resorting to anything foamy. 

A light layer will do because thick doesn't always mean better. Check on the label, research the ingredients, and ensure they are skin-friendly; you can't afford harsh chemicals on your product if you have sensitive skin. 

Well-suited lubricants should have natural ingredients that do not cause dryness. Remember that pre-shave oil is not a substitute for your shave cream. Instead, you use both products alongside each other.

4. Get Into The Shower

Another vital part of learning how to shave balls is understanding how essential it is to prepare the skin before shaving. One way to equip your skin is by taking a warm shower first; warm water also helps remove the remaining stubble and promotes blood circulation.

How much time you manscape and the razor type you use contribute to when the best time is to shower if you plan to do manscaping.

Many people will argue whether it's best to shower before or after the shave. There are several ways to do things, but boys with sensitive skin will benefit from an after-shower shave. 

Doing so helps reduce incurring a razor burn, itching, and irritation since your skin and hair are wet, offering better lubrication. However, some men prefer to do it before a shave because it makes cleanups a breeze and saves time and effort. 

Also, you can clean any cuts if you do a post-shave wash, which can help you avoid infection. But of course, if you prefer to do it otherwise, you may wash rinse the affected area instead of a quick bath. Best of all, don't miss out on using a quality aftershave balm.

5. Cold Or Hot Shower

Among the many things most men argue about is whether it's best to wash with warm water versus cool water.

For the same reason, in deciding whether a before or aftershave shower is better, the best water temperature to use is a matter of personal preference. But let me go over a few pointers to help you decide which one will work best for you.

If you shower with warm water before the shave, you soften and open the crevices of the surrounding skin of your balls. Likewise, you get to soften the shafts of your hair follicles in the process for an effortless shave.

Using warm water also relaxes the skin; a hot shower before manscaping is well-suited for individuals with coarse body hair.

A splash of cold water feels refreshingly cool on a shaved area, aside from tightening the skin and closing the pores. If you wish to be gentler to your skin, pat the area dry instead of rubbing it off. Hence, a cold shower is best after you shave.

6. Ensure Proper Positioning

Pull the skin taut of your penis using your non-dominant hand to expose all hair, even those hiding in the crevices. You risk cutting yourself when you shave over loose skin; hence, pull that skin taut tightly so no skin will go underneath the blade.

Start from the base of your penis, slightly incline as you hold your penis upward, and start from the topside before doing short, gentle strokes downward.

Rinse the blades every few strokes to keep them as free of hair as possible. It is crucial to maintain the connection between the blade and the scrotum using your steady hand.

During this part, you'll realize that you only need a small amount of oil during the moisturization process, as using too much will make everything too slippery. 

Another important thing you can't afford to miss as you learn how to shave your nuts is to take your time as you do all these. Such is an intimate experience, so for obvious reasons, try to be more comfortable with your body to avoid feeling awkward about the entire process.

If this is the first time you'll shave your balls, try practicing on your head, stubble, or beard before doing it on your precious family jewels. Avoid repeatedly going through the same areas to minimize irritation. Instead, go in the direction your pube grows with short yet slow strokes.

7. Observe Proper Maintenance

Rinse off with cold water and clean your grooming devices with rubbing alcohol after use. An aftershave balm can do wonders in relaxing your sensitive area.

Try to find products containing peppermint and aloe to relieve stress on your skin.

Lastly, check thoroughly to see that you haven't missed out on any spot. Whatever aftershave products you choose, ensure that ingredients should not contain artificial fragrances and alcohol that may cause dryness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a shaving cream necessary for shaving your pubic hair?

Yes. The right choice of pre-shaving oil or cream is vital, especially if you're still learning how to shave your penis hair. Shaving cream or oil acts as a lubricant that cushions the impact of your razor as it gets in contact with the skin.

Pubic hair is generally rigid and stubborn, so you will mostly shave or trim close to the skin. Using shaving cream will help you prevent cuts and any irritation while manscaping.

How to shave your testicles with a safety razor without cutting yourself?

Once you learn how to shave your balls with a razor, you will be able to do so safely. Never settle for shaving foam since it doesn't work well as a protective barrier when shaving. Using a natural cream works better for reducing razor burns, razor bumps, folliculitis, or any irritation.

Further, you can avoid ending up in an emergency room when manscaping by using the right tools. It also helps to be well-prepared, like trimming thick, bushy hairs and using a cream before manscaping. Lastly, position yourself correctly and use slow strokes when shaving.

When should I shave my balls?

Deciding how to shave testicles and how often depends on the bush length and how quickly your pubic hair grows (which varies per individual). It is also a subject of personal preference of what kind of a shave you need -- whether it's a trim or a clean shave.


It's one thing not to know how to shave ball hair. But being entirely disinterested in doing it are two different things. You can even try hair removal cream for balls if you feel uncomfortable using a razor or trimmer down there.

It is crucial to learn how to trim your balls or the pubic hair surrounding them, especially during warmer seasons and when a sexual exchange is most active.

It's best to have a consistent male grooming schedule for snipping your pubic hair; even a slight trim around the edges will do. It's not even necessary to have it entirely bare.

Use a safety razor instead of a disposable razor and choose the right choice of attachment. Preparation is the key to minimizing cuts, ingrown hairs, or rashes.

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