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How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

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Electric razors have taken over the grooming world and can do an even better job than the manual option. However, electric razors are a bit more complicated than manual ones.


Thanks to the ever-changing technology, electric razors tend to last longer. So how long do electric razors last? How often should you replace the blade, and what can you do to make your electric razor last longer?

How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

Depending on your brand, a high-quality electric razor can last for between 5 to 10 years. If you take care of the electric razor properly, it can serve you for over a decade. 

But if you don’t use or maintain your electric razor correctly, it can serve you for only a few months.

Unlike disposable razors, the electric shaver’s body and blade are durable, but you’ll have to do more to care for the battery and motor. Unfortunately, replacing some unique parts like a motor can be a nightmare; you may have to replace the entire electric razor.

So here are some of the key factors that can affect the lifespan of your razor blades:


Generally, the quality of an electric razor will play a huge role in how long it will serve you. Therefore, you should always consider the brand of the shaver when picking your next product. Remember, a blade from a reputable company is far more likely to last longer than one from an unknown brand.


The number of times you use your razor also plays a crucial part in determining how long your razor will last. If you’re using it a couple of times a day, then you’ll be putting too much strain on it than a person who uses it once per week.

Fortunately, most top brands understand this; therefore, they build high-quality options that can withstand frequent usage. But what affects it will be the type of hair you’re cutting.

Type of Haircut

Every razor should easily handle your facial hair with little to no issues. If it can’t, your razor may not even last a few months. After all, facial hairs are built differently. Some are denser and thicker, while others are coarse.

So, instead of using your razor on long hair, you can reduce and trim its size. On the other hand, shorter thick hair can also do some damage to your blade.


If you don’t clean the shaver and oil it regularly, you’re setting it up for failure soon. Therefore, after shaving your hair, you should remove the guard and get rid of the shaving cream and hair trapped by the blades.

But if you don’t, then the hair will gum up on the blade and get inside the electric shaver resulting in the device heating up. 

When cleaning the shaver, you should use liquid soap, hot water, and brush only.

You should also apply some petroleum-based oil or light oil after using it twice to reduce the friction between the blades. Oiling it regularly will increase its lifespan.

How Can I Improve the Lifespan of My Electric Shavers?

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your electric razor are crucial to the lifespan of your shaver. This may be a simple thing, but it can do wonders for your device. So other than the above factors, here are a few tips on how to improve the lifespan of your electric razor:

Update Foils and Blades Regularly

You should always keep track of when you last updated the foil shaver or blade. 

So how often should you replace the shaving head? Well, you should always replace them after every 12 to 18 months. 

After all, old foil or dull blades don’t work well, so you should change it for your shaver to function properly.

You Should Never Clean Your Shaver’s Foil With a Brush

Cleaning the foil can damage the foil, so you should shake it to get rid of dead skin and hair. Remember, your brush can be too rough on your foil shaver and even damage them. 

You can also rinse it but never submerge the electric shavers in water.

This includes never bringing it to your shower. Remember, moisture can easily damage the electric razor.

Prolong the Battery Life of Your Electric Shaver

Generally, the lifespan of your shaver’s battery will be determined by how you charge it. While the Li-ion battery isn’t affected by the memory effect, there are lots of things you can do. Some of these things include:

  • Try and keep the battery level between 30% and 80%: The battery volume tends to change depending on the amount of charge it holds. Therefore, you should avoid the extremes.
  • Never expose it to extreme temperatures as it will affect the battery: Heat can speed up the reactions, while cold can affect useful reactions and slow down the processes.
  • A complete discharge/charge cycle should be done once a month.

Final Thoughts

Despite having a lifespan of up to 10 years, your shaver can disappoint you if not well maintained. Therefore, you should clean it regularly and replace the blades after a few months to avoid ingrown hair.

Fortunately, maintaining an electric shaver is not that challenging. But you have to do it regularly to prevent the hair and cream from clogging the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my electric shaver for wet shaving?

Yes, the newer models are designed for both dry and wet shaves, but they can be quite pricey.

What are the effects of cutting your facial hair with a dull blade?

Generally, a dull blade can be inefficient when it comes to cutting hair, and it can leave you with ingrown hair and skin irritations.

How often should I replace my shaver’s blade?

Generally, you should always replace it once every year. But if you use your shaver daily on your coarse and thick hair, then you should replace it after every 4 to 6 months.

Can I rinse my electric razor?

The best way to rinse your shaver is with some liquid soap and warm water. But this only applies to waterproof options.

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