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Is It Better to Shave Wet or Dry?

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Shaving is a crucial part of our grooming routines, with each of us having a unique style. However, when and how we shave with our tools are subject to debate.

In fact…

The biggest debate between wet vs dry shaving: which one is better? has been there since the 1930s when an electric razor was introduced. So in this article, we'll answer the question, "Is it better to shave wet or dry?" We'll also show you how to dry and wet shave.

What Is Dry Shaving?

As its name implies, dry shaving means that you won't need water or other products like shaving creams, and gets. But this doesn't mean you must shave your hair using an ordinary razor. You can trim your beards using an electric razor designed for dry shaving.

That's because electric shavers can cut even the hair on your skin without water or lubricant. 

This will help you avoid the irritation and discomfort associated with using the wrong technique while dry shaving.

What Is Wet Shaving?

Also referred to as the traditional shaving technique, wet shaving is the most popular and common shaving method among men. 

Wet shaving includes men prepping their skin with shaving cream, soap, or water. 

They then use their best sharp-bladed shaving razors for a close cut.

Some traditional wet beard shavers use a shaving brush to help them produce lather, which will help remove the cut hair off their skin. Luckily, there are lots of razors in the market for wet shaving, like disposable double-edged razors and cartridge razors.

But if you prefer a traditional approach, then you should try using a straight razor when wet shaving.

Wet Shaving vs Dry Shaving: Difference and Similarities

Is it better to shave wet or dry? Well, there are several things to consider when picking the right option. You need a shaving method that suits your style while leaving you with a smooth shaving experience with no razor burn. Here are some of the differences and similarities between wet vs dry shaving:

Closer Shave

Generally, wet shaving produces a closer shave than the other option. And that's because of how your razor breaks the facial hair. In fact, it will feel smoother and grow slower than if you dry shave your hair, as you will notice.

The Amount of Time It Takes to Shave Your Hair

Unlike wet shaving, a dry shave can take a few minutes to finish. And that's because it doesn't include rinsing and prepping your skin. So if you are running late, you should get an electric shaver. With an electric razor, you can dry shave without worrying about skin irritation afterward.

Budget-Friendly Routine

If you have been using cartridge razors for years, then the initial cost of an electric shaver can seem high. But with time, the cash invested in cartridge razors can add up since you must replace the blades regularly. 

On the other hand, electric shavers can serve you for years between blade changes.

On top of that, with dry shaving, you don't have to spend on shaving cream and soap. Regarding budget-friendly, wet shaving using safety razors seems to be the most economical option.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

People with sensitive skin prefer dry shaving over wet shaving. Unfortunately, dry shaving with a conventional razor can leave your skin irritated with ingrown hairs, so you should use an electric shaver. 

Sure, with an electric shaver, your skin won't be smoother, but it will be very comfortable.

On the other hand, after wet shaving, your hair will feel prickly and can even irritate your skin. With wet shaving, the blade tends to touch your skin, which is very uncomfortable for folks with sensitive skin. But with an electric razor, your skin will be protected from directly touching the blade when wet shaving.

How to Wet Shave Using Razors

Are you new to wet shaving? Well, giving yourself a wet shave isn't complicated. So here are a few tips to make wet shaving as hustle-free as possible:

  • Wet your face: For a smoother experience, you should always shave your beard after showering. Or you can wet your entire face before you start shaving. Doing this will leave your skin sebum and oil-free. It will also get rid of the dirt that can easily affect the flow of your blades.
  • Get a reliable shaving cream or gel: for a great lather, you should use a good shaving gel or cream. The lather will create a unique cushion over your skin. This will prevent the blade from slipping or dragging on your skin.
  • Always shave along the hair's growth and never against it: this will lower the likelihood of your skin getting burns and cuts while giving you a close shave.
  • Never use the same blade over and over: to reduce skin irritation, you should always switch the blade after 5 to 7 shavings.

Last but not least, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you should use aftershave cream, gel, or lotion.

How to Dry Shave Using Electric Razors

When dry shaving, it's always a good idea to use an electric shaver. After all, it lasts longer and prevents the blade from touching your skin. So here are a few tips on shaving your skin using an electric razor:

  • For lengthy hair, you should always use a trimmer or cuticle-cutting scissors.
  • The skin must be completely dry when electric shaving.
  • When electric shaving, you should hold your skin taut using one hand.
  • Start shaving using a slow and gentle circular motion.
  • To lower the likelihood of getting burns and cuts, you should never share against the hair.
  • Apply alcohol-free aftershave or moisturizer since alcohol options can irritate your shaved skin.


Wet vs dry shaving: Which one is better? Well, the answer to this question will depend on your skin type, among other factors. For instance, people with sensitive skin should stay away from wet shaving as it poses a huge risk to their skin.

But wet shaving does guarantee you a cleaner and smoother shave while granting you more time between shaves. On the other hand, dry shaving does save time since you won't be prepping your skin before shaving it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wet shaving cause razor burns and cuts?

Yes, but it will depend on your experience level. Compared to a dry shave, a wet shave produces more cuts and nicks, so you must be careful to prevent them.

Can I dry-shave my beards daily?

Despite the fact that dry shaving and electric razors are safe, using them every day will leave your skin prone to irritation and damage.

Can wet shaving last longer?

Compared to dry shaving, wet shaving will last longer between shaves. And that's because it will shorten your hair since you'll be shaving closer to your skin than usual. So you can delay your next shave and still not end up with an untidy beard.

Is a wet shave ideal for my skin?

Well, if you don't have sensitive skin, then this shaving method can be quite effective. After all, it does eliminate skin later and some debris for a cleaner shave.

What happens when dry shaving my beard with a razor?

Dry shaving your beards using a razor will put your skin are risk of razor burn/cuts and pimples.

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