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About Dapperly Club

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We love to look fresh just as much as you do!

Dapperly Club believes that grooming is just as important as anything else, and we’re here to ensure that you do, too. Personal grooming is a big part of self-care and also has a significant impact on both your mental and physical health.

We understand that it’s hard not knowing where to start. It’s not just about defeating the common belief that men are low maintenance, by the way...

It's also about getting wholly bewildered about how to use, where to apply, where to put what, and all the other mind-boggling tidbits not mentioned on the fine print of product labels. 

It doesn’t matter what aspect; caring for oneself is and will always be tricky and challenging.

That is why here at Dapperly Club, we’re glad to break things down for you and guide you through every step. 

We don’t only provide how-to’s, but we also have diverse content on equipment, products, accessories, and even fragrance, depending on whether you’re on a budget, going all out, or in search of the best! We even have guides that will help you figure out your personal style.

We believe that all these can be summed up to one main goal: looking and feeling good about yourself.

If you have any questions about our content, you can contact us here.

Who We Are

Quentin Willis founder photoQuentin Willis, Founder & Editor in Chief

Behind all of our remarkable content is Quentin Willis, a grooming expert known for reviewing and testing the most popular health and personal care products made for men so that you won't have to.

Quentin is all about looking fresh. He finally started Dapperly Club in 2021 to help men of color from all over the world feel good and confident in their own skin because it is just that important. 

He knows very well that people should not completely rely on experts like him when it comes to self-care. They should also know how to get by themselves and understand what it takes to keep up their good looks, and that’s what Dapperly Club is about.


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