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How To Get Curly Hair For Black Men (Tips For Perfect Curls)

Black Man wearing printed shirt and brown hat

Getting the perfect hair every time you step out of home is tougher than it may look. 

That’s why...

Men and women both love a hairstyle that is easy-to-do and brings out the best looks in them. Whether you wish to look cute or cool, there’s a hairstyle for you!

For some, the best style can be no hair at all, while for others having a curly mane means the world to them. Strangely, curly hair suits almost everyone, thus explaining why many aspire to have them. 

Therefore, today we are here to address the question “how to get curly hair on black men or women?”

Why Go For Curly Hair?

A well-managed curly hair can is the easiest way to look more relaxed – no matter what skin color or face cut you have!

Luckily, with advancements in the health and beauty industry, you can use several techniques and products to change your physical outlook. With that said, converting your sleek straight hair into bouncy curls is much easier than one might think.

All you need to do is look up a retail search engine and find products that can help you in keeping curly hair on black men. Even if you like hair that naturally grows curly, a wide range of products can help you get the effect.

I, by myself, have an unending obsession with curly hair.

Though I have had a lot of good and bad experiences during the journey, today, I proudly own lusciously healthy and shiny curly hair. Being a man with wavy hair at first, I had to do much research and experiments before I got the exact look of a handsome black man with curly hair.

And in today's sitting, I will be sharing some of the most effective tools and tricks to get curly hair. Let's start with the basics!

Get Yourself An Expert Barber

If you’re thinking: "how to get curly hair like black men," I strongly recommend that you start by looking for the best barber in town (but keep it easy on your wallet!)

When dealing with or changing your natural appearance, experimenting with cheap products and professionals is a big NO-NO!

The only (and the most honest) "black male curly hair tip" from my side is to look for an experienced barber. Skilled barbers can offer you the best hair treatment. The point is that they have experience; they have been working on people of all ages, facial features, and hair types.

This means that they know well how to get you the desired look without causing any damage to what you are blessed with, naturally.

With that said, there are lesser risks involved (for instance you may not be satisfied by the new hairstyle, i.e. you may have something else in mind), with almost no long-term or permanent damage to your skin or hair.

Not sure where to find one such helping hand?

Just look for help on Google.

All you need to do is search for barbers that offer curly hair for black men near you. You can scan the internet for the top recommendations and a long list of men's best hairdressers. 

Opt for a barber or salon that has a minimum of 4-star reviews on Google (although reviews are not everything, remember that!)

black man giving a hair cut

For any remaining confusion, you can reach out to peers, friends, or family.

Their experience can be a treasure for you.

Let’s move on and discuss the various methods to take care of your curled hair, and the best tools for curly hair on the black male with a lot more. Remember, the concern is making black male hair curly and keeping them in good texture between shower times.

So here we go!

Forget About Using Artificial Hair Drying Methods!

Why rush through things when there’s a better way to do stuff?

Stick to the normal routine, get up in the morning, take a shower, have some breakfast, and dress up.

This protocol gives you sufficient time to let your hair dry, naturally. Mark my words, a basic rule for shining and healthy hair is to let them dry naturally. Forget about spending bills and time on hair drying products and techniques.

This is one of the most common hair care mistakes. Artificial methods have you using excessive heat and the wrong style for curly hair, and that’s what we need to avoid.
How to avoid the problem?
Just have patience and align your after-shower routine in a sequence that lets your hair dry while dealing with other chores.

As simple as said!

Essential Tools For Curly Hair For Men

Even if you are in an emergency and can't wait, use a diffuser. If you pick up any random product from the local store, you’ll be investing in destroying your hair's aesthetics, integrity, and natural shine. Luckily, over the years, I did find some reliable tools for my curly hair.

The Twist-It Combs

If you wish to curl your hair in less than a minute, this tool is a must-have. It does not incorporate any heating method, and it will not cause hair dryness or breakage. 

Plus, it is smaller in size, which means you can carry it with you in the backpack or hand carry, wherever you go.

The durable construction also makes it an ideal option to invest in. Of course, you can find something else of this sort to catalyze the process.

The Bewaves Hair Care Tool

Another convenient and effective tool to get well-defined curls is the bewaves hair care sponge. You can use this sponge with small holes that will help you get twisted and curly hair locks. 

All you need to do is rub the sponge in your hair for about one to five minutes in circular motion and TA-DA!

You are all done with the perfect curly hair minus any effort or prolonged waiting.

This sponge is ideal for men with shorter hair. Plus, the sponge comes in different sizes. This means you can pick a sponge with smaller holes to get tighter curls. Sponges with bigger holes are ideal for curly hair in black males.

Revlon 1875W is one of the best options in this regard, but you can also find something else of the sort to get the job done.

So if you have loosely curled hair, this diffuser is the best option to pick. It will give you better curls with minimum frizz. This is because instead of concentrated heat in one area, like any other traditional dryer, this diffuser will evenly distribute heat all over the hair.

It keeps your hair from blowing out of control, leaving you with shiny and voluminous hair.

But you must keep scrunching your hair as you use the tool.

A Wet Brush – After All, You Need To Remove The Tangles!

You will also need a fine-quality hairbrush to detangle the bombshell.

If you have combs, get rid of them right away. The reason for me saying so is that combs can cause disruptions in your natural curls. Instead, go for a detangling brush; it can give you the best results possible.

Also, try to detangle your hair as you wash and condition it. Trust me; you can remove more than 80% of the knots with your fingers, right in the shower. Later you can finish the job using the detangling brush.

With saying that, we are done with all the tools you will need under the discussion of "how to make your hair curly for black males." Now I will get into the business of the most suitable products for washing and conditioning your curls.

The forthcoming discussion can be surprising for you, but the fact is that washing products do impact the texture of hair.

It is also important to follow proper guidelines for washing hair, and it is important to pick the right cleaning products to keep your hair well hydrated and clean.

Most Suitable Cleaning Products For Curly Hair

Shampoo bottles on a shelf

As we just have had an idea about the importance of the right tools and suitable cleaning products, let me help you select one for your curly hair. I know you are already using the best shampoo for black men's hair. But are you sure that it is of the right kind, according to your hair type?

Are you using any conditioner at all?

If so, what type of conditioner are you using, the one to leave-in or rinse out?

What about the hair gel products for curly hair you have?

I am sure most of these questions have left you confused.

So let's talk about all these points and a few more.

Pick A Moistening Shampoo

Remember, the world is diverse and so is everyone’s hair. There are dry, bone-dry, oily, all sorts of hair. For each type, you can find specific chemical combinations in shampoo and conditioners. All you need to do is to learn about your hair type and look for a suitable product.

Most of the shampoos will dry hair; you can protect yours only by carefully picking moisturizing formula. Such products have a finely picked list of ingredients that prevent hair from drying out.

You can look for products with terms like "hydrating shampoo for curly hair", "moisturizing shampoo for curly hair", or something with a similar label. Even when you walk in a physical store, look if the bottle reads any such statement or not.

These shampoos are ideal for daily use and won't leave your hair dry. However, it is still better not to use them quite often. According to researchers, you can retain optimal moisture by washing hair less often. Let's say every two days to once per week.

Indeed it also depends on the environment you work in and how quickly your hair accumulates oil.

Clarifying Shampoo For Curly Hair

There are times when even with excellent grooming habits, the curly hair needs a deep cleaning. These are the times when clarifying shampoos come in the game. Most hairstylists and barbers love them because they offer deep cleaning and remove all pollutants.

Even if you are using an ordinary moisturizing shampoo, buy a bottle of clarifying shampoo just in case. Using it once a month will be enough. It will help you restore the natural abilities of hair to create oil and sebum.

Remember that your body regularly secrets sebum from your skin and onto its follicles.

As it coats, the hair starts to look shinier, thicker, and healthier.

A High-Quality Rinse-Out Conditioner

As I mentioned earlier, a wash-off conditioner is the best to work on tangled hair. It can help you remove tangles while you shower, without a brush or comb, and leaving lesser broken hair. A good quality conditioner means you won't be losing the integrity of the curls after you shower.

Luckily, all such products are easy to use and less demanding. All you need to do is put a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it before applying it to your hair. It is usually suggested to wait for at least 2 minutes for it to set deep.

After that, you can wash it off. Make sure none of the chemicals is left in your hair. It would be best if you made shampooing your regular bathing ritual. Otherwise, you might experience an increased frizz and reduced shine.

Deep Conditioning Products

There are times when you’ll need a little extra help regarding hair conditioning, whenever your hair feels too dry. At such times, you will need a rinse-out deep conditioner. There are highly beneficial to your curls and give extra moisturizing.

Just like clarifying shampoo, you can use these conditioners once a month. However, the best way to use such products is to leave them on for long. Yes, you heard me right; if you are using a deep conditioner, let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Only then you will be able to get desired results.

As for me, sometimes, I leave it in for up to 30 minutes.

Using it for 15 to 30 minutes once a month is enough for healthy growth and luscious curls.

Leave-In Conditioning Products

The only difference between the two types is that you will be leaving this product in your hair. I prefer these conditioners because they leave my hair looking and feeling great. However, a setback is that I can't use styling products withhold.

If you want a casual look, let's say curly afro men hairstyles, you can use these products.

Likewise, it will work well for the shaggy style.

Now Let's Have A Word About Styling Products

Styling products on a shelf

By now, we are done with tools and the right cleaning products you will be using for your curly hair. As you step out of the shower, you will get down to the business of styling and keeping those curls in shape. 

Once again, you can find a wide range of products to use, depending on the texture of your hair and the style you want to achieve.

Light-Hold Hair Gels

Do you prefer go-to styles of curls and love loosely to carry a shake-and-go style? If so, you must look for a light-hold hair gel. Such products will give you minimum strength – hence the name.  

So no matter if you like wearing long or short hair, a light hold gel is all you need for styling your curls.

But if you want to get a wet look, add a couple of dabs of olive oil in the mix. Now finish off the look with a few spritzers of quality hair spray. This way, you will lock the style well to stay all day long. It is better to let your hair dry naturally rather than using a diffuser or dryer.

Firm To Medium Hold Hair Gels.

Do you want a slick back on curls?

Or you may want to part in the middle or even sweep it to one side?

In any such case, you must get firm to medium-hold hair gels.

This type of gels is best if you want the curls to look in the up-right position, flattened or tousled. Also, if you have wavy curly or coiled hair, you can opt for this gel. Plus, if you have short hair, these gels can give you the best results.

Styling Clay For Curly Hair

No man should ever use hair styling wax on curled hair. If you do so, you will have to deal with residues that are tough to remove from the scalp. Plus, there are solid chances that the curls will chaff off. I recommend using hair styling clay instead.

Never mistake a hair styling clay with wax.

The clay is a matte form of hair wax for styling. It does not cause any buildup or add useless weight to your hair. Quality hair styling clays have a low to firm hold. Hence they are ideal for keeping your curls bouncy and voluminous.

Styling Creams

For your kinky curls, coiled hair, or even waves like 360 and 180 waves, combining styling cream with a leave-in conditioner will give the best results. This combination is more effective for medium-length heavy curly hair. Those with longer hair can also use these creams on their curly hair.

However, you need to understand that such styling creams have almost no holding strength. They work best if you wish to carry a man bun for black men or any other loose style. Most stylists love these creams because the hair remains in check and healthy leaving the curls to look their best.

Water-Soluble Pomades

If you are in your 30s now, you might have memories of your grandfather using oil-based pomade. But using that much greasy product on your hair is not a good idea. 

The main reason is that the oil will loosen the curls along with their natural luster. Thankfully, you can get one of those water-based pomades quite easily.

With the right product, you can achieve a sleek and shiny look with enhanced curls. If you are not sure about "how to use water-based pomades", I can only suggest that you experiment. Only you, by yourself, can figure out the best method for your curls and style you want to carry.

With that, you will not be spending all night washing the product out of your hair. Get more idea of styling your curly hair from this video:

Hair Mousses & Sprays

For decades, people with curly hair have been using mousses to style their hair. It surely helps to get amazing-looking curls easily. And for the same reason, it is a staple item for black men with curly hair, especially. Luckily it works wonders on all hair texture, including kinks, coils, or waves.

A fine quality hair styling mousse will surely enhance the volume and curliness.

Meanwhile, you can use hair spray in a variety of ways. However, the primary purpose will always be to keep the curl style in place. Even if you have an active lifestyle, a fine quality spray will keep hair in place. But make sure you are not going overboard while spraying your hair.

If so, you will end up having a tough time washing, and the residue will show on your curls.

Just go for what feels best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got some questions., this section will be able to help.

Can natural oils make black men's hair curly?

No, it can't. Nothing can change the natural texture of hair.

However, using certain organic products like oils and butter can help sustain the hairstyle and enhance your hair's texture. This is why most of our elders kept forcing the use of natural oils and plant-based products for healthy hair.

Does plant-based butter help black males get curly hair?

Yes, professional hairdressers always recommend using hair care products with natural ingredients. For instance, plant-based butter can help hair recover from any damage that comes with styling or chemical products.

It also helps keep the moisture locked in the hair, leaving each strand naturally shiny and healthy. The plant-based butter-based products will also help in keeping the scalp hydrated and well-nourished.

What kind of brush to use for black men's curly hair?

Above anything else, a detangling brush is the best option for curly or kinky hair. These brushes ensure easy combing and detangling with lesser to no hair loss. Hair loss is a usual problem but can be easily solved by using hair fibers for thinning hair as a solution.

You can also add up the volume to your hair with the brush's right size and style according to your hair. It is also important to use the right techniques of brushing curly hair without spoiling the natural curls.

The Last Word

As of now, you might have had the idea that a lot is involved when you are looking for black male curly hair products and tips to style. There is no need to worry, though; with all that is discussed here, you have it all under control.

All you need to do is to invest a little, considering the look you want to carry!

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