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Black Man Bun: Top 5 Styles To Try At Home (Full Guide)

black man in white shirt in a forest

The truth is, you can tie a man bun at home. You don't need a hairstylist.

But then...

First, grow your curly hair to about 6 to 8 inches. Why? Pulling thick, curly hair into a bun when it's less than 6 inches long is daunting, and the result isn't that great.

Secondly, you need to learn a few black man bun styles, such that you practice until you find the most suitable for your face and overall look.

Do you have your hairband ready?

Then let’s get started!

Top Afro Man Bun Styles

The coolest black man's ponytail has longer hair on the crown and shorter hair on the sides and the back.

Hence, the styles we'll highlight here have that signature hair length.

The Messy Bun

This one is the simplest. It looks just like its name suggests, messy. When ladies create a messy bun, they pin the loose strands with hairpins. We doubt you'd want that, so we'll give you a simple method.

To create a messy bun, gather your hair loosely into a bun on your crown. Pull it through your hairband, twist the band again, and pass the hair through to make a loop. Simple, right?

After wearing that style for a while, you can get more creative with the next one. 😉

Bun Undercut

To make a man bun for black men pop, have a tapered look under the ponytail. Alternatively, have a disconnected undercut, which has a drastic change instead of fading from the long hair in the bun to the faded sides or back.

To create a disconnected undercut, trim the sides and the back entirely and have the bun stand out.

Dreadlocks Bun

young man with dreadlocks and jacket in a mountain

Get dreadlocks on your crown and shave off all around. It takes a few years to gain a decent dreadlocks length, but the unique bun it gives you is worth the process.

Braided Bun

Instead of combing your bun, how about plaiting cornrows? They are stylish, and they eliminate the tiresome process of combing your hair daily. Plus, there are so many cornrows styles to vary your look every week.

Man Bun + Shaved Sides + Beard

The beard gang will love to know they can keep it and a man bun. If you're a full-bearded brother, shave the sides of your head into a fade, and you'll have a neat man bun.

We've mentioned ways to tie the styles we've talked about above, but what if you have the traditional bun?

So here’s to that:

How To Tie A Man Bun For Black Guys

Can we assume you already know the basics of taking care of black hair, or should we go over a quick hair care routine before discussing how to tie a ponytail?

Well, taking care of our black male curly hair isn't the usual shower-and-go process of other hair types. For example, you need to moisturize your curly hair as often as possible because it lacks sufficient natural moisture. On top of that, your shampoo shouldn't dry your scalp and hair.

We'll talk a bit more about hair care below; for now, our focus is styling a man bun.

If you have an unbraided bun, you can prep the hair with a curl enhancer or leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz as you style.


  • Brush the hair toward the crown for a high ponytail or neck if you want a low bun.
  • Detangle thick hair with a pick to make it manageable.
  • Gather the hair into your fist. Comb stray hairs with your free hand, guiding them into the fist.
  • Tie the hair you're holding with an elastic band once. If there are stray hairs, comb them into the elastic band.
  • Twist the band a second time and push the ponytail into it halfway, such that it holds the start and the end of your ponytail.

Before we look at your questions on a man bun for black men, let's discuss some tips, below.

3 Tips On How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

I know we've touched on moisturizers and shampoos above, but it'll help when you know how to manage your thick, curly hair. We're talking about,

1. Moisturizing

young black man

Our curls are thick, so oils on the scalp don't reach the tip. Hence, you need to moisturize your hair regularly to avoid hair breakage or a dry scalp.

But, there's a catch as some products you can use on other hair types can mess up our curly hair. For instance, you need a light hair moisturizer that won't coat your hair shafts and prevent the nourishing agents from penetrating.

Mineral oils are excellent for lubricating your hair and preventing water penetration that may cause hydral fatigue (excessive swelling and contraction), but they don't prevent protein loss.

Some of the best ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and babassu oil. They hydrate, treat the scalp, and enhance hair strength.

2. Avoid Over Shampooing

Over shampooing will remove the little moisture remaining in your hair. Hence, wash your hair every other day instead of every day. Plus, use a conditioner to seal the moisture on your hair shafts.

3. Avoid Tight Ponytails

It can weaken your hairline and cause traction alopecia. Also, an elastic rubber band coils around curly hair, and it's a painful process taking it off. Therefore, use a nylon or spandex hairband.

Top Questions About The Black Man Bun

Can You Wear A Durag With A Man Bun?

Yes, you can tie a durag over your man bun and still look stylish. If you'd like to show the bun through the durag, then you'll have to cut out the middle of the fabric so that the ponytail pops out. 

  • First, place the durag over your head to trace the center of it where your man bun pops out.
  • Hold the durag by the tip on the crown, and cut about three inches off. If your man bun is bigger than the circle that forms when you cut your durag, you have to cut some more inches off.

Watch this guide on how to put durag on a bun:

However, if the bun now fits through the hole on the durag, you can proceed and tie it as regular headgear.

Even better, sleep in one if you comb your hair every morning. 


It preserves hair moisture such that it's easier to comb your hair the following day. Also, a durag prevents tangles that can cause hair breakage. You'll also avoid staining your pillow with hair grease.

Are Man Buns Still Trendy?

Yes, man buns are still trendy. They seem to be gaining popularity lately. Hairstyles evolve to incorporate more creative ideas. Therefore, the man bun will always be here, but with new styles of growing and styling one. For instance, two trendy looks are an afro man bun with blonde-colored cornrows or a full beard.

Is It Okay To Sleep With My Afro Bun?

Yes and no. If the band is too tight, then you'll increase hair breakage. It could see your hairline receding within months of styling a man bun. On the other hand, holding your hair, not too tight, prevents tangles through the night. However, you'd have to wear a durag over it to reduce friction.

Final Thoughts

A man bun is an edgy style that you can pull off. It's easy to style as it won't take you less than 10 minutes in the morning. Plus, it's such a distinct hairstyle that'll match your striking personality.

If you'd prefer a bun style that's easy to maintain, grow some dreadlocks or plait cornrows instead of brushing your ponytail every day.

Future and Jason Derulo pull this look off stylishly, and so can you.

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