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Can You Use Beard Oil On Hair? We Help Delube Some Fallacies


Have you ever wondered if the bottle of beard oil lying in your grooming kit can work wonders on your head hair as well as it does on your beards? If that's the case, you're not alone.

This question is so commonly asked that I became curious about it. I conducted my research and came up with an answer.

So, hang in there with me, guys, as I answer the big question: can you use beard oil on hair?

What Makes Beard Hair Different From Head Hair

Every human being is born with hair all over their body, known as Vellus hair. During puberty, however, a specific testosterone derivative called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) triggers terminal hair production. 

This simply means that once we reach adolescence, the action of DHT causes our Vellus hair to be replaced by terminal hair. Long, thick, and darker hair characterize this terminal hair.

Therefore, based on this theory, it's safe to assume that both head hair and beard hair are terminal hairs. But what distinguishes beard hair from head hair?

Androgenic hair is a specific type of hair produced by humans. Androgenic hair, in simple terms, is the terminal hair that grows in pubic areas like the armpits, chest, limbs, face, and back. As a result, beard hair, also known as facial hair, is androgenic hair. Hair is rougher, curlier, denser, and shorter in this kind.

Another distinction between beards and head hair is that the skin underneath the beards is softer and produces less sebum than the scalp skin. This is the guiding idea behind the need for different hair treatments and remedies for beard and head hair.

Beard Oil And Hair Oil - Are They The Same?

As mentioned earlier, beards and head hair need different hair treatments. Thus, to answer the question simply, beard oil and hair oil are two different hair treatment solutions intended for two different kinds of hair textures.

Beard oil works on beards which are usually coarse and dense. To nourish facial hair and stimulate beard growth, this oil contains carrier oils, including Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, and a small portion of essential oils like pine or pine eucalyptus oil.

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Beard Oil
Beard Oil

Hair oil, on the other hand, is made up mainly of carrier oil like Argan oil or Jojoba oil with a few chemical compounds, synthetic fragrances, and extracts that are meant to perform efficiently on the hair and scalp. The scalp can tolerate the harsh ingredients of hair oil because it generates more sebum.

Hair Oil
Hair Oil

In addition, the consistency and viscosity of beard oil are thicker and heavier than hair oil. This is because beard hair is coarser and denser, with less natural sebum.

Can I Use Beard Oil On My Hair?

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about hair and oil types, let's get to the heart of your question: can you use beard oil on hair?

Yes! You can use beard oil on your head hair.

Beard oils contain relatively safe constituents that can work well on your hair. However, before you head straight into using your beard oil on your head hair, you should know a few things. This is important because some of you out there might have the delusion that a beard oil would perform the wonders and magic that your hair oil hasn't done on your hair yet. 

Firstly, applying beard oil to your hair does not guarantee that your head hair will grow longer and healthier. Applying beard oils to your hair has the same effect as applying hair oil. Applying beard oil to your hair has no additional benefits or impacts than using hair oil.

Secondly, beard oils are more expensive than hair oils, so purchasing beard oils for your head hair seems like a poor investment decision when you can always obtain the less costly but equally effective head oils.

Finally, if you insist on applying beard oil to your hair, make sure you only use a few drops, say 1 to 3 drops. This is because beard oils are quite dense and oily. Using a lot of them on your head hair, which is thinner and less dense than your beards, may result in a greasy and glossy appearance that you may dislike.

So, the trick here is that the less oil you use, the better the outcome.

Dapper Point: Many have the notion that since both hair and beard share the same qualities, they immediately jump to the conclusion that the products they use on their hair are compatible with their facial hair! We suggest sticking to products made either for head hair or beard hair. Here is a guide for beard hair only -- How To Apply Beard Oil.

Can I Use Hair Oils On Beards?

Black man applying oil to beard

Sadly, the answer to this question is no.

If you have been thinking of using the hair oil you recently bought on your beards, I would advise against this. The facial skin is pretty sensitive to harsh chemicals and oils present in hair oils. Also, for men with acne-prone skin, using such oils on your beards would cause the skin underneath your beards to clog, increasing your tendency to develop acne and bumps around that region.

As mentioned previously, these oils contain a few synthetic constituents that might be included to treat various scalp conditions like dandruff or itchy scalp. While the scalp might withstand the effect of these chemicals, the facial skin and beards wouldn't.

Using these chemicals on your beards can cause your beards to be stripped of the little natural sebum it has and lead to dull-looking and unhealthy beard hair. It might also prevent further beard growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Beard Oil On Hair Clippers?

While hair clippers must be lubricated regularly and after each use to maintain optimal performance, using oils with a high viscosity, such as beard oils, is harmful to the equipment. 

Because beard oils are viscous, they can clog clippers and cause them to fail. Apart from commercially available hair clipper oil, olive oil is the best-recommended oil.

Can You Apply Beard Oil On Chest Hair?

Yes. Just like beards, chest hair is classified as androgenic and because these two hairs have similar characteristics, any oil used to groom beards can also be used to groom chest hairs. Thus, beard oil works wonders for men who want to keep their chest hair soft and nourished!

Can You Use Beard Oil On Bald Heads?

Yes -- somehow! Let's say you're balding and want to know if beard oils can help you grow your hair back. In that scenario, even if the beard oil isn't intended for the scalp, you can apply it to a bald head. In persons with pattern baldness, however, hair does not regrow. It will, however, aid in the care and maintenance of a bald head.

Can You Use Beard Balm On Your Head Hair?

Yes, you can apply beard balm on your head hair but only a tiny bit at a time to avoid it becoming greasy. Beard balm hydrates and styles your head hair but don't go overboard with it. Shea butter, essential oils, and beeswax are the major constituents in beard balm, making it entirely natural but can leave your hair oily.


Is Beard Oil Good For Hair? Yes! You can use beard oil on your hair because it is safe and usually entirely natural.

However, it is advised not to use hair oils on your facial hair because these oils might clog your facial skin and deplete its natural sebum.

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