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Bald Black Men Head Care (Effective Tips & Techniques)

black man in red suit

A black man is super fine with or without hair.


The bald ones always get more attention, more so when they spot an iconic beard style.

How's your beard game?

Well, we won't judge you. Instead, we'll give you tips for a bald man so you can look good whether you have a beard or not.

Before we go to bald black men head care tips:

What Causes Baldness?

To some, baldness is a hairstyle, but to others, there's a condition behind it. For most black men, hair loss comes from...

Medical Conditions

You're more likely to go bald if you suffer from thyroid disease, anemia, depression, scalp infections, or arthritis. 


You may lose hair when taking medication for high blood pressure, depression, or heart conditions. Additionally, chemotherapy can cause hair loss.

Men also lose hair because of their genes, one of the causes of:

Male Pattern Baldness

happy man wearing green shirt

This hair loss process differentiates it from a similar condition that affects women.


For women, hair thins, the hairline recedes, but they never go bald completely. For men, on the other hand, we're talking about a process that starts with losing hair gradually on the temples.

Before you understand what voodoo is causing your hair to run away from your temples, your hairline is in a characteristic “M” pattern.

Next, the hair on the crown thins so much that your scalp is visible, and eventually, you go bald.

Sadly, there's more to this condition than only losing your hair. It might arise from prostate cancer or hypertension, among other medical conditions.

Which Problems Do Bald Men Face?

One report found that black men who lose their hair by age 30 have a higher risk of prostate cancer.


We'll not focus on medical conditions plaguing bald men, and instead, we'll talk about hair care issues such as,

Razor Burns

Shaving a bald black man's head means cutting close to the skin because the hair is almost non-existent. When doing so, your razor may cause redness or skin irritation if there's no barrier between the skin and the blade. We call such problems razor burns. 

Razor Bumps

Sometimes, you'll come across literature that doesn't differentiate the two problems. But, since we've explained what razor burns are, let's talk about razor bumps. These represent bumps on your scalp from ingrown hairs.

When your razor cuts too close, your curly hair may grow inward, leaving a pimple-like shape on the scalp as it attempts to protrude the scalp.

Dry Scalp

man scratching scalp

Over shaving and using the wrong hair products are two problems that may leave you with a dry scalp or even dandruff on a shaved head. It could also be a seasonal problem caused by prevailing weather conditions when you forget to wear sunscreen and hydrate your scalp.

Have we mentioned all the problems you've encountered so far? We've laid a good foundation for our topic, so we're ready for the next.

Black Men Bald Head Care Tips

Unless you wake up one day and decide to buzz it all off, you must experience some form of hair loss before going bald. If you let it all fall naturally, it's a gradual process that'll need different black men's hair care tips depending on your hair length.

However, if you shave it all at once and remain bald, you need hair tips to maintain your new hairstyle.

Let's start with the most crucial area, your:

Hair Care Products

You need:

A Shampoo

As a shampoo removes dirt and oil, it also prepares your scalp to absorb moisturizing agents. That's where the dilemma lies. If your shampoo for bald head over cleanses your scalp, it may irritate it or cause dryness.

On the other hand, if it doesn't remove product residue and oils, your moisturizer won't hydrate your scalp.

So, look for a shampoo with safe ingredients like the following: 

  • Vitamin E to treat the effects of UV rays
  • Tea tree oil to heal a dry scalp
  • Shea butter for its moisturizing properties
  • Olive oil to prevent itchiness

See where this is going? We're talking about natural ingredients that benefit your skin.

The ones to avoid are harsh chemicals like sulfates that over-cleanse your bald head. The shampoo should suit your skin type too.

If your scalp is dry all the time, you have dry skin. If some parts are dry while others shine, you have combination skin. If you're a Bruh with skin that's neither too dry nor too oily, you have a normal skin type.

Based on that brief analysis, does the shampoo you're using suit your skin type? Yes? No?

A Moisturizer

It shouldn't be too thick or greasy. Who wants to shine anyway? The best hair moisturizer for bald-headed black men is non-comedogenic so that it doesn't clog hair follicles.

You'll also be looking for the ones with natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and witch hazel. Such essential oils and natural extracts soothe your scalp, prevent inflammation, and reduce shine.

Additionally, you're safer using a moisturizer with sunscreen, an SPF 50.

After shaving your hair or washing your head, massage it with moisturizer to protect your scalp and hydrate it. Make this a daily routine to prevent dryness.

Onto another troublesome area...


man shaving head

Before you shave, lubricate your scalp with pre-shave oil to soften the hair. You may have only a centimeter or so of hair, but to move your blade over it without pulling too much, first make your skin supple.

Use shaving cream instead of dry shaving so that you can straighten the hair as the blade glides over it. Further, use minimal pressure to prevent scalp irritation.

A razor with a lower blade count won't cut too close and irritate your scalp. You know, the blades sit in a way that each one of them pulls the hair and cuts it deeper than the previous blade. When you have up to five blades in your razor, you'll cut five times closer to your skin.

Remember to use a fresh razor every time to avoid infections. The quality of the razor also matters. Consequently, look around for brands that focus on the bald black man.

To take care of razor burns...

  • Soothe your irritated scalp with a wet cloth soaked in cold water to reduce inflammation.
  • Massage your scalp with aloe vera for its soothing properties.
  • Shave every other week if your skin is sensitive. If you have razor burns already, wait until they heal completely.

On the other hand, for razor bumps...

  • Warm compresses can help the hair grow out of the hair follicle.
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • Avoid dull blades as they pull your hair.
  • For sensitive skin, don't shave too close.

Can you avoid some of the problems we're talking about by shaving at home? Let's look at that.

Benefits Of Taking Care Of Your Bald Head At Home

You'll use:

Sterilized Equipment

At home, you can sterilize your shavers as often and as long as necessary as one way of preventing fungal infections.

You choose...

The Best Hair Care Products

You control your budget; thus, you can get the most effective hair products for bald-headed black men. You'll also never skip a step or minimize what you use on your head.

You also control...

The Speed And Shaving Pressure

You know where it hurts, so you're more careful to cut as far away from the skin as possible.

Lastly, you can adapt your hair care routine to the problem you're facing, such as razor burns.

We can sum up our discussion by answering these:

Top Questions About Bald Black Men Head Care

Are Black Men More Prone To Getting Bald?

No, not really, unless you trace your roots to northern Africa, where they experience a high percentage of baldness than sub-Saharan Africa.

On top of that, genetics vary from one black person to the other. Therefore, your family may have male pattern baldness while another black family doesn't. Compare Jamie Foxx's enviable hairline with Eddie Murphy's or Wesley Snipes. See a difference?

How Do You Keep A Healthy Bald Head?

As we've discussed above, you have to change your hair care routine to incorporate products and techniques suited to a bald black man. Likewise, avoid products that irritate your bare scalp.

Take the steps below on how to properly maintain a bald head and also beard:

What Are The Causes Of Baldness In Black Males?

We've talked about most of the causes in the section above, such as male pattern baldness. Some reasons for hair loss are poor nutrition, age, and stress. You're also likely to lose hair from hairstyles like dreadlocks and cornrows as they pull hair along the hairline. This excessive pulling diminishes your hairline gradually, resulting in traction alopecia. When it's severe, you may decide to go bald.

Dapper Point: Going bald is not a big thing, especially if you want it anyway! However, you might want to complement your baldness with either a goatee or a mustache to make you manlier. Here are some facial hair styles you could try -- Beard Styles For Bald Men.

Final Thoughts

It's a lie; going bald doesn't mean you'll not take care of your head. You'll be more cautious as everyone can see your dry, irritated scalp.

That's why your hair care routine should incorporate a shampoo to remove dirt and oils, plus a moisturizer to hydrate your scalp. If you must shave, use a razor with fewer blades to avoid razor bumps.

If going bald wasn't a choice, there's nothing to make you feel ashamed as there are millions of confident, good-looking, successful bald men.

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