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Beard Styles For Bald Men: 13 Trendy Facial Hair Types Today

Whether hair loss left you bald or you decided a shaved head looked better, so you got a haircut, you can still rock your mane and look stylish.


We'll give you a comprehensive list of the best beard styles for bald men, including the favorites for many, such as a full beard and goatee, to beard designs you can only pull off when you combine styling creativity with a great personality.

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13 Stylish Beard Styles Bald Men Love

You don't have to worry about a shaved head, although permanent hair loss can dampen your spirit and make you wonder whether to get rid of your thick beard. It's time to boost your confidence again because these beard designs suit any bald man. 

After listing beard styles for bald guys, we'll mention the ones suitable for different face shapes.

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1. Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee

Look at a few pictures of Dwayne Johnson to know how to style this one. Overall, this goatee has two thin lines that connect the short hair on your mustache and chin. Maintain it at the same length, unlike other goatee styles with long hair. 

If that's not your best beard style, an alternative is leaving the mustache and the chin hair unconnected, such that the mustache stands alone. That's a popular beard style for bald men with a round head.

But, it's more costly to maintain this style when you disconnect the two parts, and you might not manage to do a good job of separating the beard vs goatee at home.

2. Beard With A Single Under-lip Strap

Beard With A Single Under-lip Strap

This beard design has two parts: a mustache and a single strap under the lower lip. It's a great option because it's between casual and formal; therefore, suitable for many bald men. On top of that, it's not too much work for you because you only need to maintain a mustache and a single strap at the same length.

3. Two-day Stubble

Two-day Stubble

It's the easiest to grow and maintain. Just leave your mane as it is for a few days, and you'll be rocking a stubble beard. It looks more natural when it grows from your sideburns and covers your cheeks instead of only at the chin.

A stubble beard might be the best style for you if you're in the early stages of hair loss and need a style that complements the inch-length hair on your head.

4. Full Goatee

Full Goatee

Many confuse it with the classic goatee, but when you look at the two beard styles side by side, you can tell they're different.

First, facial hair on the chin of a classic goatee is a neat trim, whereas a full goatee has a full mustache. You might also pull this off if your beard hair is patchy and never forms a full mane.

5. The Chinstrap 

The Chinstrap 

Here's a style that always stands out and is loved by many, even bald men with clean-shaven heads. The chinstrap covers the jawline, unlike other beard styles on our list that grow above and below the lips. You can even let facial hair grow under the chin. 

To make it more stylish, combine it with a pencil mustache or let the hair at the chin grow longer into a classic goatee. It might be your go-to style because it's good at contouring a masculine jawline.

6. Garibaldi


Choose this style if you want a shaved head but maintain a full beard. It's always fashionable. 

The Garibaldi is a bold beard design that matches perfectly with an intriguing personality.

You can also incorporate a mustache and a full-grown beard that extends down the neck but has a circular shape. 

If you want a stunning mustache, style it like a handlebar mustache whose tips curve upwards.

It might look like a low-maintenance style because all you do is let it grow wild and unkempt; however, keep your facial hair trimmed to maintain the circular sides of your long beard. Also, brush it regularly to keep it healthy and remove any food particles stuck in your mane.

7. Scruff


If you have a beard design longer than a 5 o'clock shadow but not as neat as a stubble beard, it's a scruff. It's messier, and you can let it grow a bit longer, fuller, and without patches.

8. Thick Mustache

Thick Mustache

Some bald men don't have a lot of hair on their cheeks and sideburns, so they trim everything off and leave a thick mustache. Of course, this isn't such an intricate beard design, but to leave a mustache when you have a shaved head is unique. Don't you agree?

Steve Harvey is one celebrity who can show you how to style a thick mustache because he keeps it trim and neat. If Harvey's thick mustache isn't your style, you can turn yours into a handlebar mustache. 

9. Full Beard

Full Beard

Who else to style this design better than Rick Ross? He has such an iconic full beard that you can't stop admiring it. To pull this off, you'd need to grow a thick beard without patches and have hair of the same length.

This style takes all the attention away from your bald head; therefore, if you want to shift people's attention, you know what to do.

It's a high-maintenance design because you keep it neat by brushing it often and trimming it whenever necessary.

10. Van Dyke

Van Dyke

There's so much going on in this style. It resembles a full beard but has a thick stand-alone mustache and a goatee that extends a few inches down the jawline like a chin strap. On top of that, it has a single strap under the lower lip connected to the goatee. Only a guy with an outstanding personality can pull this off. 

Also, since it has some old-school vibes, you may not see this style on the streets often. Plus, the trimming and shaping take time, so you'll spend more time on your mane every morning.

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11. Balbo


If you're still searching for a versatile beard style that's as unique and dramatic as the Van Dyke above, try a balbo. It adds some drama to a traditional mustache because the mustache and the strap under the lower lip form a T. 

The single strap extends along the jawline like a chin strap. Very few bald men prefer this style because it's dramatic, and grooming takes time.

12. Anchor


Some bald men grow thick beard hair from one sideburn to the other. If you're one of them, trim it to form a floating mustache with the cheeks shaped like an anchor. It's as dramatic and attention-grabbing as the two beard styles above.

13. Pointed Beard Style

Pointed Beard Style

The pointed beard is the go-to style if you want to lengthen your face. The cheeks have shorter hair than the chin, which gives the illusion of length.

You can keep your cheeks shaved to turn this style into a pointed goatee instead for a more dramatic look.

Overall, which of these beard styles for bald guys do you like the most? If you don't know which one suits your face, then continue reading.

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Recommended Beard Style Tips For Various Face Shapes

There are so many ways to style your facial hair, but you need a signature beard design that adds to your style and complements your facial features. Do you know a beard can make your face appear thinner or fuller? Yes, it's possible.


You can play around with different beard styles for bald guys to suit your face shape. Let's discuss a few ideal styles for different face shapes:

1. Rectangular Face

The issue you're dealing with here is that your face is longer, and you have an angular jawline and straight cheek lines. Therefore, your face shape needs a full beard or a chin strap. Why? 

These beard styles are long at the bottom; hence, the long beard drives attention away from your cheeks to your jawline. Plus, bald guys with these two beard styles display defined cheekbones to complement the angular jawline.

2. Square Face

Your face is wider on the jawline and hairline. Consequently, you want beard styles for bald guys that lengthen your face as they make it narrower. 

As the beard grows fuller, trim it into a round shape with more hair on the chin and short sides. Such beard styles include Balbo, extended goatee, and chinstrap.

3. Diamond Face

Here, you want to grow shorter sides and a fuller chin such that your mane forms an oval. The best beard styles for bald guys with a diamond face include a balbo, goatee, full beard, and chin strap. These styles also complement a triangle face.

4. Round Face

The idea is to lengthen your face and keep the sides short with beard styles like a goatee because it has a long beard at the chin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beard style for bald men?

There are so many ideas to try, as we discussed above. Among the favorite styles for most bald men is the full beard since the facial hair grows evenly above and below the lips with little to no contouring needed. But, there are also styles for men with patchy manes or ones whose beard is only a mustache.

Are bald men with beards attractive?

Yes, some women find bald men stylish; therefore, you might get more attention than other men. But, there's a catch -- a bald head doesn't get as much attention as a man with head hair unless the bald man has an outstanding personality to increase social attractiveness. Therefore, as you grow a beard to complement a bald head, don't forget your personality also counts.

Should I grow a beard with a shaved head?

Yes. Here's why. First, growing a beard with a shaved head makes you look younger because no gray hairs are sticking out of your head, and if they pop out on your face, you can always dye your beard. 

A beard can also contour your face if there's an aspect of your face shape that you don't like or is so elaborate that it grabs attention more than your other facial features. For example, you can contour your face and hide a long chin under a full or pointed beard.

On top of that, there are several beard styles for bald men who want to tuck a double chin. For instance, an extended goatee, chin curtain, pointed or long beard hides a double chin.

Finally, combining facial hair and a shaved head is distinctive, and whoever pulls it off stands out.


Yes, you can maintain a beard and a shaved head. The beard styles discussed above show you can get as creative as you want, from wanting a thick mustache to a lengthy beard. 

But before you visit your beard stylist, know your face shape and how the beard styling will accentuate your best features while complementing the elaborate ones. 

Also, understand the maintenance process as some beard styles are demanding. The other deciding factors are your beard hair length, thickness, and whether your bald head is permanent or you shaved it so it'll grow back.

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