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How To Keep A Bald Head Smooth Without Shaving: Tips & Hints

Smooth Shaved Head

For some, keeping up with long tresses is more challenging than maintaining a bald head since lousy hair days will now become history. We have to dedicate time to skincare and grooming despite tight schedules. 

Everything is essential in learning how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving -- from getting a smooth shave to choosing the right equipment and products.

Styling a bald head is a skillful art. Keep reading to discover how you can flaunt your bald head en vouge.

Helpful Considerations Before Deciding To Go Bald

Men can wear their hair short, long, permed, colored, or wigged. For others, having a bald head means being unhappy while some even resort to getting a hair extension or wearing a wig to conceal hair loss.

People mostly associate baldness with old age although a shaved head looks clean to others. It appears a straightforward thing to achieve but still requires conscientious upkeep. 

Bald Man Thinking

Men who want to even out their bald spots find shaving heads a reasonable option. However, it is inevitable for several others to associate bald heads with new-age youth, aggression, or even rebellion.

There are dermatologic problems that result in hair and scalp disorders, and several also experience alopecia or pattern hair loss. Being hairless has its benefits. It is less time-consuming, requires less maintenance, and saves you from buying hair care products.

But before we decide on getting a new look, you must understand how to get a bald head without shaving and become aware of the consequences. Check out some things worth your consideration before making the big move:

  • Not all shaved heads are the same; hence, it's best to seek professional advice first, especially if this is something you want permanently.
  • Try starting with a one-inch guard and going down from there instead of cutting at scalp level. Also, gently pull the skin taut as you do the process to avoid cutting yourself.
  • Never use a dull blade to prevent dragging along the skin and ending with a nasty razor burn.
  • Remember that your hair protects the scalp from environmental stressors, like the heat and cold.
  • People assume that shaving the head can add density to the hair, but that is only a myth.
  • While the bald look could be less time-consuming due to minimal maintenance requirements, it still needs maintenance, only fewer than most haircuts.
  • Know your head shape, hair type, existing skin condition, and irritation you could have once you sport a bald look.
  • Going bald is a significant move, entailing many changes, so it's only practical to know what to expect, what matters, and how to do it right.

Maintenance Guidelines In How To Stay Bald Without Shaving

1. Use The Quality Shaving Equipment

Shaving Equipment
Shaving Equipment

Preparation is crucial when planning to have a clean-shaven head. Despite being an easy task, shaving requires time and effort. Make sure you never settle for some cheap brands when choosing your shaving tools.

Consider it a valuable investment since you still have some upkeeping to do even as you go bald.

Using a dull razor blade is one of the most common causes of an aftershave irritation. Invest in a quality electric trimmer and a safety shaver to make it least likely to incur nicks and cuts while shaving.

The hair yields almost effortlessly to sharp blades, unlike dull ones that tend to tug and potentially cut you or cause more irritation. A blunt razor blade passes some hair strands, slices through others, and strains the roots of your hair needlessly.

There are premium brands that offer the ease of shaving, even with only a single blade, instead of opting for double-edged, pricier blades. Go for safety razors that cause less skin tension with every stroke. After all, fewer blades mean fewer irritations and razor burns.

A shaving soap, cream, brush, and bowl are other items you might find handy in achieving a comfortable shaving experience.

2. Ensure Optimal Post-Shave Care

Post-Shave Care
Post-Shave Care

Many men who scrape off their heads are sometimes unaware of the aftercare requirement for a smooth bald head.

After removing the hair, apply a hot towel to the area to soften and stimulate hair follicles while reducing ingrown hairs.

Exfoliate by using a scalp scrub to eliminate dead cells and product buildups. Doing so will also eliminate excess scalp sebum to cleanse and hydrate the skin. Washing your head with lukewarm water can do wonders for scalp care too.

You may also use scalp shampoos that won't strip away its natural moisture even as you cleanse your head. Being hairless does not mean your scalp should miss out on such cleaning regimens.

Some scrubs also work as shampoos, so you might want to check out those to be more cost-efficient in caring for your scalp. But if you have one that doesn't offer such a feature, use the scrub before shampooing for the best results.

Moisturizing your scalp is also necessary for optimal health. There are more holistic approaches available nowadays that you can try. Use products containing natural coconut oil and jojoba oil as these are excellent for hydrating the skin.

You may use a wax warmer to preheat and apply these oils directly or mix them with your shampoo. Like when you use a post shave balm, never leave the oils on your head longer than thirty minutes to avoid clogging the pores.

3. Prioritize Sun Protection

Sun Protection
Sun Protection

Scalp care is not complete if you do not end your regimen using sun protection. Since you are now a bald man, lacking protection from the sun's damaging heat, you will need quality moisturizing sunblock.

Exposing your scalp to UV rays without an SPF can lead to sunburn and premature aging.

Aside from using sunscreen creams or lotions, you may also try using a hat or beanie. Now you get to accomplish more than protection from sun damage since you also have the chance to flaunt your fashion style. 

4. A Good Massage

Man with a shaved head getting a massage.
Bald Head Massage

Like when you're grooming that short stubble on your face, you will need to ensure a healthy routine to keep your scalp healthy. 

Massaging your scalp with your fingertips can promote better blood circulation while sloughing away dead skin. 

A good scalp massage likewise helps prevent other scalp disorders; it won't even take more than five minutes of your time. You may do the massage while shampooing or when you directly apply essential oils to your scalp.

Incorporating such a practice into your skincare routine helps the scalp and is best for stress relief and enhancing your mood.

You can stay bald and still manage to have a smooth dome.  Some men aren't born with naturally shiny scalps. It will take conscious and consistent efforts to ensure that you achieve a shiny dome if that is what you desire.

Be wary of polishing creams as those tend to have harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. Work on having smoother scalps, and therefore the luscious shine you prefer often goes with it. 

Even if that's only a short stubble you leave behind, it can still make your bald dome look dull. So make sure that your crown is well-shaven, moisturized, and cared for to avoid breakouts that can make it look less shiny.

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Alternative Hair Removal Procedures

People with sensitive skin or those who seek a long-term hairless look resort to alternatives to shaving. Here are several well-known methods nowadays:

1. Waxing

Unlike trimming hair from the skin's surface, waxing can remove hair from its roots for a longer-lasting result. Of the two kinds of head waxing procedures available, most experts recommend using hard wax instead of soft wax.

Whether it's a soft or hard wax, you can enjoy its benefits for about six weeks, but don't expect to be hairless forever instantly.

Soft wax becomes hardened strips that you pull off from the outer topmost layer of the skin with the hair, making the procedure painful.

On the contrary, hard wax is more well-suited for individuals with sensitive epidermis since it does not require strips. Meticulously cleaning and exfoliating the area is necessary before removing your scalp hair with hot wax; it eliminates dead skin cells around the hair follicles.

2. Laser Hair Removal

People who want to go bald often choose laser treatment to achieve the desired results. The procedure exposes the hair follicle to highly-concentrated light beams, eventually destroying it.

Research is essential before deciding to undergo laser treatment since the procedure may not be appropriate for everyone.

Nevertheless, laser hair removal works best for those with dark hair and a lighter complexion. In most cases, laser treatments are continuous sessions until there's no more hair growth.

3. Depilatory Creams

In addition to shaving, hair removal creams are also effective for achieving a bald head with a smooth finish. While many can attest to the efficiency of depilatory cream, it is not suitable for users with sensitive skin. Try doing a skin test first before you proceed with the procedure. 

After applying a small amount of the hair removal cream on the side of your neck, wait for at least twenty-four hours for any skin reaction.

The alkaline chemicals in your depilatory cream break down hair proteins as they work together with the other ingredients. These chemicals are potent enough to dissolve the hair roots underneath the skin's surface.

The scalp skin is also delicate, so leaving depilatory creams longer than necessary may result in irritation.

4. Sugaring

Despite its recent popularity, sugaring is not a recent innovation but rather a historical procedure for scalp hair removal. A sticky sugar paste is a leading player in such a procedure, consisting of water, sugar, and lemon juice, and does not need wax warmers.

It's one of the best options for staying bald without shaving since sugaring is an all-natural method that works the same way waxing does.

Many individuals find sugaring convenient since it does not require microwaves or wax warmers. Not using a wax warmer offers more convenience as you don't have to clean one after use. After applying the sugar paste, you start tugging it in the direction of the hair growth.

5. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the best way to shave your head without a razor, although it is an invasive method that you cannot do at home. It's a long-term, permanent solution for eliminating the hair on your scalp since it kills the hair follicle from the roots by using an electric current.

The shortwave radio frequencies disrupt hair growth cells by inserting a fine probe into the hair follicle.

Moreover, electrolysis works not only for the hair on your scalp but also for facial and body hairs. Like depilatory creams, such a procedure is also painless but requires several sessions for permanent hair removal. Additionally, all hair types can benefit from this treatment.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis deliver long-lasting results but are pricier than most options in grooming your scalp. They can be worth the investment if you're leaning towards a more permanent outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider before shaving?

You might be among the many others who consider rocking the bald look, so your already balding head or thinning hair is less obvious. Take your time and pay more attention to details when deciding what's best for your hair.

Nipping the hair on your scalp isn't something you should do impulsively. Try becoming more familiar with your head shape and the overall health of your scalp's skin to understand its needs. You can even ask your trusted barber what he thinks the best cut for you is.

How to keep a bald head without shaving?

If you want to know how to stay bald without shaving, then you must discover other hair removal methods. It includes waxing, electrolysis, hair removal cream, and laser hair removal. Some procedures can be expensive and not a one-time-off to achieve permanent baldness.

How fast does a shaved head grow?

Regardless of how you seem to enjoy the freedom of a hairless head, you will sometimes miss caring for your tresses. Hair growth can range from half an inch per month to six inches per year after shearing your head bald. 

Unlike in the case of women, it takes a lot faster for most men to regrow their hair after shearing. The stages of hair growth vary per individual as many other factors might contribute to it. But you also have various options to boost faster hair growth and development.

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Modern times equate to everyday necessities in almost everything around us; it includes caring for your scalp. While you think about how to get a bald head without shaving, it is imperative to understand what optimal scalp and skincare entail.

It's best to care for your hairless scalps like how you would treat your face or any part of your body. So in knowing how to go bald without shaving, please don't miss out on gaining more insights on when and how to groom your scalp to make the goal more achievable.

Best of all, wear that bald look with a smooth finish and rock it with pride.

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