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How to Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out (For Good!)

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Don’t know how to get your beard to lay flat?

You must feel really irritated waking up in the morning and seeing them stick out again when you’ve just trimmed them the night before.

We understand.

And that is precisely why we have formulated an article on how to train beard hair to lay down, we know it can be a tough challenge

Below you can find all the information and procedure on how to keep your beard down; let’s first start with finding out why it isn’t doing so

Why Does My Beard Hair Keep Sticking Out?


Hair Follicle

We are all unique, and along with this how our hair follicles differ from each other. Your hair follicles decide the orientation that your hair will grow into, so if your hair grows on a curved path, no matter if you cut or shave it, it will only grow the same way back.


Aside from the direction of its growth, your predisposed hair type may be another reason why. For example, those with curly beards have no other choice but to either stick with it or apply solutions and methods to differ its growth artificially.


Within our hair, different shapes also take place. So maybe your beard is in the process of growing into a particular form. 


Depending on your race and genes, your hair can either shrink or volumize depending on the humidity. Cold and damp environments tend to promote improper hair growth.

Lack Of Proper Care/ Styling

man combing his beard

You know when you don’t use beard shampoo/ conditioner or beard wash,  comb, and fix your hair regularly, and it just gets all tangled up and oily?

Well… that happens to beards too.

If you leave it unkept for way too long, it tends to grow in different directions, mostly sideways. It sure does take some effort and time to maintain your beard, but this will ensure proper and healthy beard growth.

Another thing is, you may be styling your hair regularly, but poorly too. Anything done inappropriately will lead to consequences, and for beards, that means it will stick out and grow improperly. 

Diet And Lifestyle

Whenever something isn’t right with your system, your body will most likely start showing signs. When your beard hair keeps sticking out, it is mainly because you consume too much sugar, salt, and fats.

How To Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out?

Level Up Your Equipment

Find A Trimmer That Suits You

Before actually trimming your hair, you first need to identify the type of trimmer you need.

Making use of the wrong equipment can only worsen your beard’s condition.

Slanted beard trimmers are not recommended if you desire a straight beard; it often compromises your beard’s health. Standard trimmers work just right, but if you’re looking for the ideal item, then it would be a sharp pair of trimming scissors.

Maintain Your Blades

Whether you’re using an electric beard trimmer or a scissor, take all the time you need to sharpen them before use.

When you use dull blades on your beard, its natural direction of beard growth tends to get disrupted. And not just that, your beard would not be leveled and could be much harder to use. You will also notice that it causes ingrown hair and skin irritation.

Another would be cleaning it regularly.

You may think it is acceptable not to clean your trimmers if you clean your beard before using it, but that’s not how it works. Just like hair, trimmers can collect dust even on the hard-to-reach areas on their own.

We recommend using a fresh blade for every trimming session or a shining sanitized pair of scissors.

Care For Your Beard A Little Bit More

Trim Your Beard When It Is Dry

man using a shaver to trim beard

The majority of people who maintain their beards prefer to shave them when they’re damp. While this may feel more hygienic and clean, it is always better to shave your beard when it is dry to respond well to the trimming.

If you are not comfortable with dry trimming, you can always clean it beforehand.

Decide On Your Preferred Length

Trimming From Time To Time

Regular beard trimming is often done to rid it of overgrowths as soon as possible. For this, you would need a pair of quality cutting scissors and much force.

Maintaining this habit allows your hair to follow your desired path of growth.

Allowing It To Grow Long

Although regular trimming is ideal, some experience side effects such as ingrown hairs and skin irritation, those side effects won’t happen to everyone, of course, so choose your poison.

Allowing hair to grow longer gives you the benefit of grooming it effortlessly when the time comes.

Brush/ Comb Your Beard Regularly

No matter how long or short your beard is, it is required to brush or comb it frequently.

Of course, there are different types of materials for this. For long hair, there are wide-tooth combs, regular combs, and more. And for short hair, there are very narrow tooth combs up to soft brushes.

Regular combing/brushing encourages your beard hair to grow straight and boosts blood circulation within the skin.

Keep The Surface Clean

Exfoliate Your Skin

As mentioned above, combing or brushing your beard allows proper blood circulation; this can lead to a boost in your beard’s growth.

Aside from the blood circulation, the hair beneath your beard is also vital. Exfoliating your skin removes the dry skin cells and refreshes its surface, contributing to the smooth circulation of blood.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got more time to spare, maybe moisturize the skin as well and add sunscreen to it to protect your hair from harmful UV rays that could hinder its growth.

Wash the Beard Often

man washing his beard with water

Like all hair, your beard collects dirt and dust, too, more than any part of your body.

Cleansing and washing your beard promotes healthy skin and cleaner growth, do this at least once a day. You will notice a uniform growth within a short while.

Remember to use mild products and those that were made for facial hair/skin.

How To Train Beard Hair To Lay Down Or Stay Straight


Using The Appropriate Trimmer Guard

Before we get started, you must know how and what for our beard trimmer guards.

Unevenly cutting your beard compromises its health and direction of growth, so be sure to choose the correct one.

Each number corresponds to a specific length. But if you prefer a very close cut, then not using one is suggested, just be careful and observe caution. 

Cutting Close To Your Skin

Cutting as close to your skin as you can be a tough challenge, mainly because you’re going to have to give it your full attention and time. Doing so produces a healthier batch of hair strands.

Slowly And Smoothly

Your beard is not growing straight because you do not give it enough time and effort; you may often be in a rush, or you just really don’t like shaving.

Using slow and smooth strokes prevent split ends and tears between strands. Make sure to take your time.

Maintaining A Straight Chin

Even though trimming is tedious, you must always maintain a straight chin line.

At first, this may be tiring, and you could even strain your muscles, but you’ll get used to it soon enough. Maintaining a straight chin line allows you to cut uniformly, promoting straight growth.


That’s right.

Straightening your beard is not impossible; if anything, it is one of the fastest solutions. However, if done frequently, improperly, or without the proper beard care, it can damage hair.

Ensure that you often wash and clean your beard beforehand, towel dry it, and then finish it up with a blow dryer. Making segments within your beard might help, especially if you’re a beginner.

Be careful so that you won’t get burnt, the treatment process won’t be fun!.

This video shows how to straighten your beard using a flat iron:


You may know castor oil as an all-natural hair grower, but when it comes to straightening hair stands and making them stand firmer than ever, olive oil is who you run to.

Not only does this promote straight strands, but it also moisturizes your skin and makes sure your beard never looks dull.

Always start with the standard wash-dry-comb procedure, then start spreading the beard oil onto your beard and slowly massaging the skin; finish this off by combing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Flatten Beard Hair?

There are exactly two ways you could go about flattening your beard hair. One is trimming, and the other is straightening. If your beard is not long enough to straighten, then you should go for the trimming option.

Using a beard trimmer for long beards to tidy up your hair allows them to regrow into a better shape, form, and direction. This also makes it look neat and kept. Always use the appropriate equipment and take it slow. Nothing good comes out of rushed and poorly done things!

On the other hand, if you plan on straightening, you should be aware that this poses harmful effects to your hair. This could, of course, be avoided by intensive beard care and proper procedures. 

Should I Trim Stray Beard Hairs?

Yes, indeed you should! Always keep your beard well maintained, not just by cleaning and combing it but also by trimming out those that stick out. Doing so allows redirection and a healthier growth process. 

How To Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out And Lay Flat, Down?

There are a lot of ways to do so. But first, we highly suggest that you start with finding out why they’re sticking out. Some reasons are genetics and lack of improper care. You can start by choosing or leveling up your equipment -- beard comb/ brush, guards, trimmers, and so on. Then, know what you want to do with your beard, keep it short or let it grow.

You could also focus on extraneous factors, like caring for your skin, using a beard straightener for black men, or applying solutions like oil, milk, and honey.

Why Do Beard Hairs/Facial Hair Stick Out?

There are numerous reasons why they stick out of shape. Some are obvious, and some are surprising. Let’s start with genetics; we all know that each individual is unique up to the littlest bit of cell in their body; genetics could be the root of all of this. We, of course, have different hair follicles, shapes, types, and growth directions from each other.

You may not know, but your diet also affects your beard’s growth. Think about it this way, the more fatty, salty, and sweet foods you consume, the more your beard strands tend to stick out! Other reasons may be the lack of proper maintenance, the use of harmful or unfit hair/ styling products (like beard conditioner), and the environment.

Closing Remarks

In this article on how to get your beard to lay flat, we hope we have provided you with enough and practical solutions.

If you still find yourself lost on how to get your beard to lay down, then it is best to consult a barber; there may be things you are doing wrong or not enough.

We sure hope that beard would straighten up (lol). And if it doesn't, then maybe it is time to appreciate your beard for how they look; it’s not bad at all, you know. 

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