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How Long Does Beard Dye Last? Full Process & Aftercare

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Have you ever seen a mustache dye before and after?


It’s no longer weird to see people dye-ing hair other than the ones on their heads. 

So, if people are dye-ing their mustaches, then can you dye your beard? Absolutely! And if you’re interested in it, then allow us to walk you through the process.

Let’s talk about why you should dye your beard, how long the dye would last, how often you can do it, and its aftercare. 

Reasons To Dye Your Beard

hair dying kit

While dye-ing your hair has become an impulsive habit of many nowadays, dyeing your beard certainly hasn’t...yet.

People who dye their beards often take their time to think about it and learn all the ways they could go with it, just like you, who’s reading this article right now.

Well, there are several reasons why people dye their beards, and one of those would be because they want to get rid of white and grey hair. 

Whether you’re at that particular age or you’re just going through some melanin shortage, dyeing your beard is one of the quickest ways to get rid of your whites and greys. 

However, if you don’t find a problem with your white and gray hair (I mean, facial hair), there shouldn’t be a reason to get rid of them, especially not because other people tell you to.

Some people dye their beards to fit the color of their already dyed hair, some don't like their beard's natural color, and some just want some fun in their beards. 

Whatever it is, always take your time and prepare; play it safe.

How Long Beard Dye Lasts

So... How long does beard dye last?

The answer to this varies. It depends on what you’ve used on your beard; there are many things you can dye it with nowadays. 

Temporary Beard Dye

Temporary beard dyes are those you can purchase in drugstores; they come in brush-on, spray-on, wash-out, and many more forms. 

They’re instant colorants, and they go instantly too.

A temporary dye tends to last for about 12 hours or less; some of them take up to 24 hours if you’re lucky. Sometimes, it just depends on how much of it you’ve put in or how often you wash your beard.

Semi-Permanent Beard Dye

A semi-permanent dye is what you usually see at supermarkets and drug stores; they most often come in the form of a box dye.

Most of these dyes stay on for about 4-6 weeks; it depends on the color and shade. Lighter tones tend to fade quicker; if you want something that will stick for a while, go for a semi-permanent beard dye with dark tones like green, blue, black, and red. 

And if you want it to stay on longer, just avoid showering frequently.

Permanent Beard Dye

Permanent? Yeah? Not so much...

These dyes are only categorized as permanent because they last long enough for people to remember you had that hair color. For these, it will last you about 6-8 weeks, that’s about two months at least if you do it right. 

The key to not letting it fade is in showering really, always keep your facial hair dry and moisture-free, that isn’t good for it, but neither are dyes anyway.


If you’ve not heard about henna before, then this might surprise you.

Yes, henna can be or is being used to dye hair. The same liquid used for a temporary tattoo can also color your beard, and it tends to last longer too.

If you use henna on your facial hair, you can expect the color to last for about five weeks, that is, with regular showering. What’s good about this is that you’ll be using something that won’t damage your hair as much as hair dyes would do, it's more like a natural beard dye.

How Frequent You Can Dye Your Beard

man wearing blue shirt

Can you dye your beard?

Yes, yes you can. But how often can you do it? Now that’s the real question.

Dye-ing can be pretty fun...

But not for your facial hair and sensitive skin!

If you go ahead to your local drugstore, grab a box of any hair dye, and look at its ingredients on the packaging, you’ll see some very unfamiliar terms. 

To make it simple, these are harsh chemicals that are in your hair dye and that you are just about to apply to your beard and skin.

And if we were being pretty honest about what these chemicals are and what they’re capable of doing, you wouldn’t even want them touching your hair and skin.

These mass-produced dyes contain ingredients that are safe and approved by the healthcare government, which is why they’re being sold legally. 

But the idea of these ingredients being present on your hair and skin frequently, that’s something they surely won’t approve of.

If you want your beard to stay in a particular color or tone, go for the permanent dyes. You’ll only have to apply them once, and they’ll last for a long while. 

You can dye your beard as much as you want, BUT within sufficient time intervals. Dyeing it once every two months is alright, but not suggested. The longer you wait for your hair to grow, for the dye to fully fade, and for your skin to heal, the better, of course.

Always counter the side effects of these dyes to your facial hair and skin with some intensive care and mild products like moisturizers and conditioners.

How To Care For Dyed Beard Hair And What To Expect

For those who have never dyed their hair, here’s what to expect; a frizzy, dry, and damaged beard. 

If you’ve done it before, then you shouldn’t be so surprised. 

The beard dyes strip off the nutrients and natural oils of your hair, leaving it bare and free from protection against the chemicals and agents the beard dye contains. 

Now, if you’ll be bleaching it, then all the more, you should know what you’re doing. Dye-ing hair means letting a strong chemical strip off its melanin and layers. Not to mention its effect when in contact with skin.

These processes will definitely irritate your sensitive skin too.

So, if you still want to go over the bleaching/ dye-ing process, then here’s what you should know; it’s a tedious road ahead.

You will have to learn how to care for your beard correctly and what are the things that you’re doing wrong. Starting with the way you comb your beard, up to the type of products you use with it.

You can start with beard oil and facial moisturizer to help your hair and skin heal. Some beard shampoo, deep conditioner, and hair masks would help, too, if that’s not too girly for you (lol!). 

These products allow a boost of facial hair growth and provide it with enough nutrients for healing, especially if you've got sensitive skin.

If you've got none of those at the moment, some petroleum jelly and beard balm would be great.

Always go for the mild products that were made for beards and handle everything with gentleness.

You can take care of your beard by following this routine:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beard Dye Fade?

Yes, any beard dye has the tendency of fading. Due to their formula, these dyes tend to wash out instead of growing out slowly. The artificial hair color will continue to fade as you wash your beard.

Can You Permanently Dye Your Beard?

No, you can’t permanently dye your beard, but you can use permanent dye on it. Permanent dyes last for weeks to months. Most of them last until 6-8 weeks -- the less you wet your beard, the longer. There are dyeing products that are categorized as permanent, even though they aren’t.

How Often Should You Color Your Beard?

Don’t expect a delightful outcome from applying artificial colorants too often! These hair dyes for black men, no matter how natural and organic or healthy they say they are in their packaging, really aren’t. In fact, one box of them is enough to damage your beard. 

On the other hand, a natural dye like henna isn’t going to have that bad of an effect. But using it too often would; your hair and skin won’t act like its second skin of course.

It’s best to wait for a week after the colorant fades and your natural beard color comes back again before you start applying a new layer. 

Always care for your beard and the skin surrounding it.

Is It Safe To Dye Your Beard?

Well, it can be. Dyeing your hair will either result in extreme damage or a beautiful miracle. It all relies on how ready you are. Dyes won’t permanently damage your beard, but there are harmful effects that can be avoided with the right tools and procedures.

Make sure you choose the best beard dye for black men and take the proper precautions.

Can I Dye My Beard Once A Week?

Yes, you can. Let us warn you, however, this will cause some SERIOUS DAMAGE, not just to your beard but to your skin too. Always give weeks of intervals before dying your beard again. If the colorant fades way too fast, maybe try a new brand or permanent hair color. 

How Long Does Just For Men Beard Dye Last?

Just For Men beard dye is well known in the industry for its mustache and beard dye products. These are colorants specifically made with ingredients that suit men’s skin and hair types. So, how long does Just For Men last? Well, it takes about eight weeks before the dye completely fades and washes out of your hair.

Now, if you don’t shampoo too much or wet your hair regularly, then how long does the Just For Men Hair Dye last? Maybe a little longer, you can expect it to stay for about a week longer.

Ending Remarks

The dye-ing process and aftercare can either be too tedious or too fun, it all depends on whether you really want to do it or not. 

Even though some dyes only last for a day or a week, you should still give some time to think it through. Just remember that you should always go for what YOU want.

Whether you dye your beard or not, we’re glad we were able to help you decide and get prepared!

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