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Dreadlocks Prices 2024: How Much Each Type Costs in Salons

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Are you worried about how much you need to fork out to spot dreads?

You’re not alone.

It’s the smart thing to do unless of course, you’re a superstar or have a limitless budget.

But the simple answer is that dreadlocks prices are not fixed. It could range from zero to as high as several hundreds of dollars depending on these factors.

Factors like the dreadlock style, length, thickness, maturity, loc extensions or not, location, and stylist skill level all affect the eventual cost of your dreads.

Now, how about breaking down each factor a little further.

Dreadlocks Price By Type

Sideview of a woman with dreadlocs

Freeform Locs

Freeform locs are one of the easiest and cheapest dreadlock options. This method does not need much - you simply let your hair knot on its own.

Unfortunately, it takes a long time to reach its full form, often years.

Although this option seems very easy to begin, your hair still needs your care and attention. You should be just as regular with washing it.

Being consistent with separating your hair often also helps it not to form some big, tangled mess.

But, with this natural and easy method comes the likelihood of non-uniform sizes.

The approximate cost of this style is free. The investment here is your time and attention.

Traditional Dreadlocks

You can choose to do traditional locks yourself or hire a professional to install them for you.

Many times, it starts with using finger coils or comb curls. Next, preserve your locs by twisting at the roots, applying the best locking gel for dreads, or securing them in place with metal clips. You may also choose to interlock the dreads at a later time.

All in all, it costs less than $100 to start but varies depending on the hair length and thickness.


This method is unique in that it requires a latch hook or nappyloc tool for maintenance.

Braidloc sizes range from micro, small, to large braids. In addition, their patterns also take some time to disappear.

The initial cost is approximately under $100, and maintenance at home or in a salon costs about $50- $75.


You can make interlocks for free at home or in the salon.

It's a beautiful dreadlock style with small locs that can cost between $150 - $200 for a start and an average of $75 to retighten.


Sisterlocks are some of the smallest locs. Sometimes, they could be as small as micro braids.

As such, they require time to make and are somewhat high maintenance.

For instance, in the first six months, you need to visit a stylist for proper maintenance of sisterlocks. So much so that there are dedicated sisterlocks shampoos for retightening.

Unsurprisingly though, sisterlocks are also the most expensive of the lot. And locking could begin at a whopping $500 with retightening averaging around $125 flat fee or $25 per hour.

Who Is Locking The Dreads? (You Or A Stylist?)

woman in salon getting a dreadlocs

Without a doubt, dreadlock salon prices vary significantly. The status of the salon, skill, and reputation of the stylist, dreading method, hair length, and your hair type is just some determining factors.

Take, for instance, a Caucasian or Asian lady who would spend more on dreadlocks because of the silky texture of her hair.

It's harder to knot, and some chemicals might be added to frizz the hair to make locs. And a stylist wouldn't be out of line if he adds extra charges outside the price list.

We recommend that you do a thorough review before making a selection.

This is to ensure they can deliver your preferred service effectively. Comparing the charges of various professionals could also help you with your decision.

You can also learn how to make dreads by yourself or with the help of a friend or family. Freeform locs, traditional locs, and interlocs are locs you can begin at home. And, sure enough, it won't cost a dime. 

Dreadlock Prices By Length And Thickness of Locs

Professionals often take the length and thickness of the dreads into consideration. It determines how much time and effort you need to produce the desired result. This would reflect in the eventual price, especially if the charge is on a per-hour basis.

By Dreads Maturity (Beginner vs. Relocking)

Sure enough, starting professionally made locs costs more than relocking. It consumes more time and involves a series of steps depending on the hair length and texture.

By Loc Extensions

Extensions are your best if your hair is unfit to lock naturally. Human and synthetic hair extensions are some of the available extension options.

In addition, you can consider dreadlock reattachment. These are dreads cut off before for reattachment at a later time.

Although Faux and Goddess locs also make dreads with short hair, they aren't exactly extensions. Instead, these locs are braiding techniques used as a protective style. Regardless, they will give you an instant dreadlock look.

The cost would depend on your choice of loc extension, length, and professional charge.

Watch this video on how to add deadlock extensions on straight hair:

By Location (Home Or Salon)

While this may not always be a deciding factor, it's also worth noting. Whether you'd prefer to have your hair locked in your home or a salon may also affect the final cost of your dreads.

Obviously, home service will cost you more dollars than if you went into the salon in person.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do dreadlocks cost?

Dreadlocks do not have a set or fixed price. It ranges from as little as no cost at all to several hundreds of dollars. The final cost is the result of a combination of factors.

How much would it cost to get dreads done professionally?

The professional cost of dreads is not fixed and generally ranges between $200 and $800. Since most professionals charge per hour, factors like hair length, hair type, and dreading method eventually affect the final price.

Where can I get my hair dreaded?

You can dread your hair at home or in a salon that offers dread installation services. A simple Google search of "dreadlocks near me" will review the salons with the best stylists in your vicinity. 


There is no doubt that dreadlocks are a unique and fun way to rock your hair!

With the variety of styles and methods available to explore, you can look. And now, hopefully, you no longer have to worry about how much would it cost to get dreads done professionally.

What matters is where you're getting it done, how much hair you carry, and the style you want to make. This way, you can rock a Wale or D. L. Hughley look on a reasonable budget.

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