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How Much Is A Perm For Men: Top 8 Hair Styles To Have Today!

Guy Perm

Guys wearing perm hair isn't something that can surprise anyone these days. After all, it is not just ladies who love experimenting with different styles and textures. Therefore, this may be the best time to get curly hair; unfortunately, there are lots of hurdles to getting an exceptional perm hairstyle for men. 


Most guys don't know what to expect in salons, especially when it comes to the cost of the treatments. So how much is a perm for guys?

How Does a Hair Perm Work?

A perm tends to alter your hair's texture using some hair curling chemicals. Generally, the chemical retrains your hair in the perm rod's curvature.

The hair products do this using an acidic or alkaline chemical to break the hair's disulfide bonds, making it malleable and very easy to retrain its curvature. 

After the hair products have penetrated your natural hair, it is followed by a neutralizer which halts the chemical reaction while restoring the disulfide bonds. The final result of the hair perm style is affected by the strength of the perm solution and the size of your rod. Huge rods make gentle curls, while a smaller rod makes tight curls perm.

How Much Is a Perm for Men?

If you plan on getting permed hair, you are probably wondering how much do perms cost for guys? The price of permed hair is determined by a wide range of factors, with the main ones being the type of perm, style, and hair length.

There are many kinds of perm hairstyles that vary in cost, but their prices range between $40 and $200. However, most guys end up paying about $80!

Curling short hair costs less than long hair, while a full perm costs more than getting a partial perm. Permed hair may have been popular in the 80s and 90s, but modern curly hairstyles offer a wide array of coils, waves, and curling styles.

How Much Are Perms for Guys per Type?

How much is a perm for men? Well, the answer to this question depends on several factors, with the main one being the type of curl. If you want to know how much do perms cost for guys, then continue reading as we list the 8 types of perm for men.

1. Body Wave Perm

Curling requires the use of curl chemicals; therefore, you have to prepare thoroughly to get the desired results. The length of the rod used in perming is the main difference between body wave perm and conventional perming.  (Note: This requires a rod of good length with a diameter of about 2 inches.)

The price of a body wave perm ranges between $40 and $200 depending on the location and the length of your hair. 

2. Spiral Perm

With spiral perming, the stylist places a rod on your hair in a vertical alignment creating a classic corkscrew style. Most stylists go for smaller sections, and the length of the rod varies depending on your hair's length. The stylist may place some rods in a uniform pattern to give you neat curls.

Spiral perm guarantees you bouncy curls like the ones associated with a curling iron. Since perm rods create stringer curls, it works perfectly with hair that reaches your shoulders.

The cost of spiral perms ranges between $80 and $200.

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3. Multi-Textured Perm

A multi-textured or stack perm uses a wide range of sizes of perming rods to produce a textured, natural-looking curl ranging in size. Your hair can be permed loose in some parts and tighter in other sections to make it appear layered.

The cost of multi-textured perm ranges between $40 and $150.

4. Volumizing Perm

Volumizing perm offers your hair extra body and volume without giving you tight curls. Volumizing perm can be done using any kind of perming solution. Plus, with a volumizing perm, the rod is removed before the stylist adds the neutralizer. The volumizing perm in slight waves and creases more volume without tight curls.

The volumizing perm goes for between $50 and $150.

5. Root Perm

A root perm is used to add volume to the hair roots. Therefore, instead of perming and rolling all your hair, only about 4 inches from the scalp is permed. The huge rods used with this style tend to lift the hair at its root. Since fewer rods are used, and less neutralizer and perm solution are needed, this kind of perm is cheaper than the others.

The price of root perm ranges between $30 and $80.

6. Partial or Spot Perm

Partial or spot perms target certain parts of your head instead of all your hair. You may get a partial perm if your curly hair is flatter in some sections. Partial perms are popular for folks with thinning parts of their head. You can get a perm for all the ends of your hair.

A partial perm is ideal for guys who love their hairs' texture but want some movements at the end of their hair. Partial or spot perms can be done using either cold or hot perm solutions.

The cost of spot perm is between $30 and $95.

7. Straight Perm

A straight perm may sound backward since a perm is associated with curls, but you can get a straight hair perm. Whether you have wavy or curly hair or need some smoothness, this technique can straighten your hair.

For a straight hair perm, you should start by applying a chemical solution and let it penetrate your hair and break the cysteine bonds. Then, you can sit under your dryer for a few minutes. The straight hair is straightened using flat iron before being doused with a neutralizer to help restore the hair bonds.

Straight perms Go for between $100 and $200.

8. Digital Perm

A digital perm is one of the latest men's perm trends that have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Digital perms are a kind of hot perm for stylish hair. After the stylist applies the acidic solution, he/she will wrap the hair around the rods, which are digitally temperature controlled. This type of hot perm is quite costly, so you should expect to spend more on this style than the others.

The price ranges between $150 and $300 and you can even change your hair color during the process.

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Factors That Affect the Price of Perm for Men

The answer to the question, "how much does a men's perm cost?", is determined by a wide range of factors. Some of these factors include:

1. Geographical Location

A man's perm done in a Manhattan hair salon is definitely going to be more costly than in any other part of the country. Just like any other thing, getting a tight curl varies with where it happens.

If you live in less costly places, you may end up spending less than $50.

2. Stylist's Experience

Even though this may not always be the case, at times, you get what you paid for. So if you want wavy hair and want your perm done correctly, the answer to how much does a perm costs for men shouldn't matter at all. After all, a curly perm can be quite messy; therefore, you need an experienced stylist perming your hair. 

Remember, even when working with a professional stylist, proper hair care is crucial if you want your wavy perm to last. Therefore you need the right hair products to help care for your thick hair and wavy perm.

3. Root Perms Cost Less

While body and spiral perms can be quite costly, root perm will cost you less. Root perm involves curling your hair using a neutralizer, perming solution, and curling rod. Root perm is ideal for men with long hair. It is also an exceptional method for infusing the volume of your hair by simply curling the roots.

4. Cut and Finish

How much is a perm for guys? A huge percentage of guys tend to get a haircut after perming their hair which ends up increasing the cost of the entire process. If you want to reduce the weight and length of your hair, then you may need a haircut before perming your hair. But if it's just the split or damaged ends, then you can do it after perming.

5. The Length of Your Hair

How much is a perm for a guy with long, medium, or short hair? The price of perming long hair for both males and females is almost equal. The prices of perming hair per length are:

  • · Long hair perm: $80 and $200
  • · Medium hair perms: $60 and $200
  • · Short hair perm: $30 and $100

Therefore, curling shorter hair is cheaper than both long and medium hair. The shorter the hair, the less time it will take for it to perm. You will also need less neutralizer and perming solution.

Dapper Point: Perms are not long-lasting and your hair will be back to its normal form. If you feel that perming is taking too much time and money, then you might want to try an alternative. Your hair sometimes needs to relax from curls and waves. Read our post here -- Alternatives To Relaxers For Black Hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Head Go Bald After Perming?

While perming can dry your hair and affect its quality, it does not cause balding. But if not done correctly and the chemical ends up burning your scalp, you may end up with some bald patches.

Do Perms Look Great on Men?

Yes. Guys everywhere are embracing perming once again. And thanks to the new perming methods, it has never been this easy to try a new look. So guys who are looking for a subtle change can try perming their hair.

How Long Does a Perm Last on Guys?

Generally, the perms on guys tend to last for around 10 months. But this will depend on the perming technique used and the length of your hair.

Will Perms Look Better After They Are Washed?

Your perms won't become curlier after you have washed them. What will happen is that they will take a natural shape. So if you want the perm to last longer, you shouldn't wash them regularly. 

How Long Does a Cold Perm Last?

Technically, a cold perm can last for between 3 to 6 months. But this will depend on how well you take care of it, its texture, and your natural curl style.

How Long Will My Tight Perm Last?

Generally, tight perms last for a maximum of 6 months. But this will also depend on how you take care of your hair and hair type.

What Is the Korean Perm?

This kind of soft-wavy hairstyle was actually inspired by the Hallyu stars and Korean actresses. Unlike the traditional stiff and spring-like curls, the Korean perm guarantees you some natural-looking waves that add volume and perfectly frame your face.

Is It Ideal to Curl Thin Hair?

The most annoying thing about dealing with thin hair is that it's practically impossible to curl it without damaging it. Luckily, any type of hair can be easily curled, provided you get a professional who knows what he/she is doing.


"How much does a perm cost for males?"

Well, the answer to this question varies, and it is determined by a wide range of factors, including the stylist's experience level and your style.

The cost of the different perming styles for men ranges between $80 and $200. You should find out the cost of a perm before you pick your new curly hair perm style.

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