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Curly Hair Buzz Cut: Your Guide To A (New) Fuzzy Hair Style

Even though having curly hair makes those around you envy, a man is fully aware of how tough and tedious it can be to keep such curls.


Extremely short hair’s usually an easy option. They can range from Crew Cut to Ivy League, Fade, Flat Top, and so on. There are countless possibilities.

For men's grooming, time is a valuable resource. When it comes to grooming, many guys prefer efficiency and quickness. Taming curls may be time-consuming unless you're ready to let them be and grow wild. Perhaps buzzing it down will work.

Let's get started.

Curly Hair With Buzz Cut

Man at the barber shop

The two elements of this look are buzz cuts and curly hair. They can all be found in various forms. Curly-haired guys may well be aware that there are various forms of curly hair, even though they may appear very similar to casual observers. It can be curly, compact, coiled, kinky, and other shapes.

Trimming a buzz cut doesn't need having a precise understanding of how the various varieties look. The kind of curly hair you have shouldn't matter all that much when choosing the buzz cut you have. More crucial is understanding and being able to distinguish between the primary varieties of buzz cuts. 

In the end, the style is quite straightforward, yet many distinct versions exist.

It is a general phrase that covers a variety of aesthetics. The following are the key ones to be aware of:

  • The Induction Cut – This is what most people envision when they hear the word "buzz cut." It has been cut to the same, short length in every direction. When very short, it has a very militaristic look.
  • The Burr Cut – The curly hairs on top are somewhat longer than those on the sides. Not much, maybe a few millimeters.
  • The Crew Cut – The hairs on top are much longer than those on the sides. The top hairs frequently transition into a pompadour in the front. The Ivy League (a lengthy Crew Cut) and a Butch are examples of variations (the top hair is cut at a uniform length).

The fundamentals of the underlying idea should only be understood in advance. Fades will also be covered briefly in a later section. However, it's crucial to point out right away that any of these looks might have faded sides and back. 

These days, buzz cuts with curly hairs are especially trendy when the sides are faded. Low, mid, or high fades are all possible.

Your choice of buzz cut for curly hairs will rely on a few important variables. Individual desire must come first. You should at least give crew cuts a try if you enjoy the way it feels and looks.

Take maintenance requirements into account as well, though. A DIY of this haircut is so simple that you may control and trim it with ease. A Crew Cut, however, would probably require some expert maintenance.

The top-of-crew cuts are frequently lengthy enough to give you some style options. Frequently, an induction cut wouldn't. If you consider this to be significant, keep it in mind while you decide.

Curled Hair Buzz Cut With Fades


Many curly buzz cuts may benefit greatly from the addition of a fade.

A fade is a term for progressive, top-to-bottom lengthening that is frequently applied to the sides and back. Three fades are used: a low fade that terminates just above the sideburn, a high fade that ends at the temples, and a mid-fade that lies in between the two. Lower than a low fade, a taper can be thought of as a very low buzz cut.

Having good communication with your barber should be one of your top priorities while getting a fade. 

When it comes to fades, what consumers envision and what a barber believes they want might occasionally be quite different things. This is typically caused by the client's lack of vocabulary knowledge or their inability to communicate the sort of fade they genuinely desire for their curly buzz cut.

Make it very clear where you want the fade to finish and where you want it to begin in terms of both level and length. Tell the barber up front if you want a skin fade.

Buzz Cut For Curly Hair Styles


You'll begin to recognize the appearance and texture of a curly that has been buzzed short. It has a distinctive look and is currently a highly popular fashion. The following hairstyles are welcome to a curly buzz cut:

1. Simple Induction Cut

The length of the Induction Cut is reduced to a uniform, short length in all directions and dimensions. Certainly, there are advantages to this. The biggest benefit is that it is quite simple to do it yourself. If you decided to do it yourself, then you might save a lot of money and time on trips to the barber.

It combines mild masculinity with simplicity. Despite being so simple, it does tend to seem fashionable in practically any situation. 

The unusual appearance of buzz cuts may sometimes look quite remarkable when worn with wavy or coiled curls. It can't conceal or disguise receding temples the way Crew Cut would be able to. However, it's a classy and elegant approach to accepting baldness while projecting a subdued air of resistance.

An Induction Cut does have a unique military style that many men are drawn to, much like the high-and-tight Crew Cut. It is easy to use, sleek, fashionable, and effective. If any of this speaks to you, you might want to give it a try on your curls.

2. Induction Cut With Low Fade

A low fade has an endpoint that is somewhat higher than a moderate taper, just above the sideburn. As you can see, it's a surprisingly easy method to give buzz cut some personality. It's amazing since it updates rather conventional styles while yet preserving a delicacy.

The low fade has expanded in use throughout time. They're becoming so common that you can probably find one in just about any setting, occupation, and circumstance. They have succeeded in bridging the gap among elder populations. 

Nowadays, middle-aged men frequently sport low fades, as opposed to the past when only the young, urban, and fashionable wore them.

3. Simple Curl Burr Cut

The Burr Cut is distinguished from the Crew Cut because those on top are slightly longer than those on the sides and back.

This amazing tapering appearance frequently develops out extremely smoothly and organically. If the sides and back are not kept tight, then buzz cuts may occasionally develop more into a ball of fuzz. You may prevent this by trimming a Burr Cut so that the sides and back are a little tighter than the top.

4. Curled Crew Cut

Men with curls look great with crew cuts.  The hairs on the top are noticeably longer than the short, buzzed sides, as I said previously, which characterizes a crew cut. The style of Crew Cut is further defined by the nature of the hairs on top. It is the point at which the hair transitions to a tidy pompadour at the front.

A Butch Cut has hair that is cut to the same length from rear to front and is unusually lengthy. The same mix of long top and short sides characterizes a Flat Top, but the top hair is shaped into a flat, "deck"-like look.

A classic Crew Cut like the one seen above on a male with curly hair looks quite fashionable. It screams elegance and is incredibly attention-grabbing.

However, the maintenance needs are higher than those of a straightforward induction cut, as you might assume. You'll probably need professional assistance from a barber to trim it and perhaps some quite expensive grooming essentials.

You are undoubtedly aware that maintaining curls may be difficult. If you wanted to make your life simpler, then opting for a short Induction Cut rather than a Crew Cut could be the better decision.

If you wish to preserve some aesthetic flexibility while making it easier to maintain, then an induction cut or a short Crew Cut (like a Butch Cut) may be viable choices.

5. Crew Cut With Skin Fade

The sides and back can also be used to create something intriguing and unique.

A fade that moves upward and into the top curls may look fantastic. As you travel upward, a "skin fade" lengthens gradually from zero to one. Since you physically shave to the skin's surface to begin the fade, it is known as a "skin fade".

You'll need a competent barber to take care of this one for you because it's not simple to get it perfect. However, if you wanted a curled buzz cut that was more striking, adding a skin fade would be a fantastic choice for you.

6. Buzzed And Bearded

Beefy beards and buzz cuts go along quite well. There are additional elements at play in addition to the fact that growing a beard is a very easy technique to increase masculinity. A man with a buzz cut and curls may also benefit from growing a beard by being able to change the way his face and head are shaped.

Buzz cuts are fantastic in many aspects, but they frequently take away a significant benefit that longer hair provides you. 

You would then be able to utilize it to modify and adapt the general form of your head and face. This makes it appear more square or less circular, for instance. This isn't achievable, however, with buzz cuts because your head's structure is so exposed. There is no way to change it other than with lengthier Crew Cuts.

However, a beard can help you with that. Since they first became a thing, beards have been utilized to change the contour of the face (whenever that was). They can be used to lengthen the chin, widen the jawline, soften the cheekbones, and other features. This is why they may be an ideal complement to a man with a curly buzz cut.

Tips To Achieve Buzz Cut For Curly Hairs


There may come a moment when you desire longer locks, even though buzz cuts have long been popular among guys with curly hair. Overall, it looks like this will be simple.

There are a few things you should keep in mind to make the operation as simple as possible:

1. Visit Your Barber Regularly

Buzz cuts, again, frequently expand outward and can very rapidly resemble a ball of fuzz or a bonnet. To make it appear more natural, the sides and rear should be tapered.

2. Have A Proper Night Care Routine

Take care of your curls as they lengthen. Curls are very fragile and easily tangled. If necessary, tie it up in a bun or ponytail to prevent tangling. Additionally, satin pillowcases aid in preventing breakage.

3. Ignore The Myths And Continue Your Routine

Trimming a buzz cut does not imply that you will lose your curls while growing them out. Be patient, give it time, and take care of your curls.

Steps In Trimming A Buzz Cut


To achieve the haircut you want, you should follow these steps:

  • Keep a plastic container (to be placed beneath you), a cotton roller, and a vacuum handy to lessen the trash.
  • You will require a palm mirror to help you overcome your blind spots.
  • Before making the initial commitment to a crisp military cut, it is preferable to experiment with a longer length.
  • A #3 or #4 connection results in a longer, more office-friendly design without exposing any flesh.
  • Take the large buzz to the top of the head and press it against the perfectly dry hair's flow (from front to back) in a straight, rhythmic motion.
  • You should always cut one guard length shorter from the sides is a buzz-cut rule to follow.
  • Although the hair doesn't seem to be coming in more quickly on the side, it does look fluffy.
  • Use the palm mirror as a guide while you press the buzzer, moving it up and down in a straight line.
  • If you're working alone, leave the collarbone natural.
  • Ask a friend to assist with the finishing touches in the rear because this area is challenging.
  • Your hair type and how rapidly it grows will determine how often you need to re-buzz.
  • In contrast to thinner, finer hair, which might start to protrude after only a week, curly hair maintains its round form as it develops.

Dapper Point: You always like to have your hair trimmed or cut to maintain its form and be a stand-out among your buddies! Know how frequently you have to do this so that your hair or scalp won't get irritated or hurt. We have written a post about this -- How Often To Shave Head.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I shave my curly hair?

While having curls won't make your hair curly, it could enhance its natural form. Even while curls that have been removed could seem springier and bouncier, this still depends on your curl pattern and hairstyle.

Can your hair change after a buzz cut?

No, buzz cuts won't affect the follicles and growth cycles. The hair development cycle for buzzed and uncut hair is the same. The length, thickness, and softness of the hair, as well as your skin tone and hair care regimen, are all customizable. 

Will I lose my curly hair if I get a buzz cut?

No, but some research suggests that if you want a smoother hairline, a haircut could be a great way to enhance curl patterns.


Many guys would simply like having curls, even though others find the added maintenance needs of curls frustrating. A buzz cut could be for you if you're seeking a strategy to keep those curls fashionable while significantly reducing the amount of upkeep needed and the expense. It doesn't hurt to give it a try if you're on the fence. Trust me, those curls will grow back.

We hope you find this information to be useful. We appreciate your patience as you finished.

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