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Black Men Beard Care: Proven Grooming Techniques For 2024

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Are you in the beard gang already or looking for some black men’s beard care tips to get you started?


Each hair follicle has three main growth phases - anagen, catagen, and telogen. Therefore, the tips you learn as you start growing your beard are the ones you'll need when maintaining a long beard because the growth cycle restarts every few months.

Before we discuss beard care for black men, let's understand the issues at hand.

We're talking about:

Problems Black Men Face When Growing A Beard

black man with cap

A black man's hair curls out of the hair follicle instead of growing vertically like straight hair.

Hence, our hair is drier because as the hair curls, it inhibits the transfer of sebum through the hair follicle.

On the same note, our hair has more protein bonds, disulfide bonds, so it's curlier than straight hair, which means you have to comb it more to distribute oils inside and prevent frizz.

Due to these distinct characteristics, a black man's beard grooming routine is complex. Let's look at a few conditions black men face and how to prevent them.

Razor Bumps

It's perhaps one of the top issues to worry about as you start trimming your beard.


This condition affects more black men than any other group. Its other name is pseudofolliculitis barbae, and razor bumps occur when you cut your hair at an angle that leaves sharp tips.

As the hair grows back, the tips penetrate your skin, forming papules and pustules. Curly hair also tends to grow inwards instead of out of the follicle and causes ingrown hairs.

Hence, if there's dead skin over the hair follicle, chances are you’ll get ingrown hairs.

How can you prevent razor bumps?

  • Shave in the direction your hair grows, not against the grain.
  • Avoid shaving too close as it may irritate your skin.
  • Use a single-blade razor as using more blades cuts the hair repeatedly and too close.
  • Shave without pulling your skin taut so that the hair stays straight instead of curving.
  • Use the best beard straightener for black men before you shave.

Folliculitis Barbae

It's another troublesome condition for the beard gang, one that affects hair follicles.

Unlike razor bumps that start with nicks, this problem arises when Staphylococcus aureus or other bacteria and viruses make a home in your hair follicles.

Though unshaven men can get this condition, it's mostly on men who shave using contaminated equipment or men with nasal problems like hay fever.

When folliculitis barbae forms pus-filled sores, and you shave too close, you risk cutting these pustules and making them bleed.

Here's what you can do to prevent folliculitis barbae:

  • Use disposable razors to reduce contamination.
  • Sterilize your electric shaver.
  • Use an antiseptic cream instead of the usual shaving cream.
  • Shave every other day, not every day.
  • Avoid shaving too close to the skin.

Patchy Growth

The best way to control patches is trimming as your beard grows. Brush your beard sufficiently so that as you cut it, you align its length.

Now, let's discuss the general things to do when growing a beard as black men. 

Black Man’s Beard Grooming Tips

black man standing with black cap and jacket

We start with the basics:

Wash Your Beard

Clean the pores to remove dirt and oil residue that clogs hair follicles and causes flaky dead skin cells.


The shampoo should be mild for use on the face. Hence, it shouldn't dry your skin, as stripping off moisture will cause brittle hair.

Brush Your Beard

Use downward strokes of a gentle beard brush to remove any food particles plus flaky dead skin cells. Brushing also trains your hair shafts to grow downward.

What's more, it distributes beard oils for black men evenly to moisturize every part of the beard.

Trim Its Perimeter

The perimeter means the neckline and the cheek lines. Wash, dry, then trim your beard. For this task, the best beard trimmer for black men works better than a pair of scissors as it'll have guide combs of different lengths.

Fade the beard below your Adam's apple so it can appear natural. It should form a U-shape from one ear to the other. If you have sensitive skin, reduce the trimming to every other week instead of every week.

Moisturize Your Beard

Beard oil is easier to absorb, and it leaves less residue than beard balm. Additionally, a beard balm is heavier because it contains ingredients like beeswax. But, if you'd like something that conditions your beard longer, use beard balm.

To moisturize your beard, massage it with oil as soon as you've washed and dried it. Additionally, massage the oil on your skin instead of applying it to the hair shafts only. If you're using beard balm, rub a small amount between your palms, then massage your beard.

Get The Best Beard Grooming Supplies

brown brush and black razor

Use a beard brush that suits your beard length and hair type. If you have a short beard, a bristle brush may be too coarse; it might pull your hair.

Your shaving cream should create a smooth layer over the beard, a layer that's not too thin that the razor glides over your skin. Additionally, use a sharp razor to avoid dragging our skin.

Single or double-blade razors are better than multiple blades. When using a multiple-blade razor, each edge pulls and straightens the hair for the next one to cut closer. That being so, you risk irritating the skin.

Popular Questions About Beard Care For Black Men

How Should A Black Man Brush His Beard?

As we mentioned above, brush your hair down so that it grows toward your neck. It'll straighten it, making it easier to trim to the length of your beard style.

How Long Does It Take For A Black Man To Grow A Beard?

Allow your beard to grow for about a month to six weeks before settling for a particular beard style. That way, you'll see how thick your beard grows and note any patches that may not suit your beard style. For instance, a full beard needs even thickness, but a goatee requires more hair length on the chin.

How Do Black Men Take Care Of Beards?

As we've discussed beard growing tips for black men in the section above, the beard care routine starts when you decide to grow your beard. As you grow it out to a length that suits your beard style, you'll be taking care of it daily, washing, brushing, and moisturizing it.

You'll trim the neckline and cheek lines regularly once your beard style forms.

How Can A Black Man Grow His Beard Faster?

The secret to a long beard is regular care and a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin A keeps your hair follicles healthy by fighting free radicals. You also need Vitamin C to boost collagen levels and strengthen your hair shafts, zinc, and biotin. Overall, your diet controls your hair's health.

Once you've taken care of your diet, think about your beard care routine. Above, we've discussed how to brush your beard, top beard growth products, and how to trim your beard. When you follow such ideas, your beard will grow adequately. To maintain a beard, it is best to use the best beard trimmer for long beards to help shape it up.

Here's a video on how to grow beards for beginners:

Final Thoughts

Your beard grows about half an inch every month, so you'll have a long beard within a few months. However, there's a lot of work to get you there, which requires a beard care routine. For starters, moisturize your beard to prevent dry, brittle frizz.

Also, brush it to keep it neat and straight. Every black man wants a tidy beard, so a little trimming of the neckline and cheek lines is necessary. You've got this!

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