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Goatee Vs Beard: Facial Hair Face-Off Without The Split-Ends

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Facial hair styles will always be fashionable among those who appreciate their subtle charm, regardless of their current standing in popular culture. For men, excellent stubble is like great makeup for women. It's how we project our looks, transforming a good haircut into an excellent one, and thankfully beards are versatile enough to allow us that opportunity.

If, for some reason, you're uncertain if a beard or goatee is for you or if having facial hair even suits you, then please keep reading.

Main Differences Between Goatee And Beard

The difference between goatee and beard are:

  • A goatee is ideal for men confident with their chins and jawlines, whereas a beard works best for concealing the lower part of the face.
  • A goatee may not do well for men with longer faces, whereas a full beard creates a balanced look for men with long face shapes.
  • A goatee might be the best option for patchy cheek beard problems, whereas a beard is unnecessary if patchiness is none of your concerns.
  • A goatee style is well-suited for men with active lifestyles who prefer effortless maintenance, whereas bearded men need more grooming time.

A Closer Look At Beard Vs Goatee In-Depth Comparison

How do you tell what differs between a goatee vs beard? How do you choose between these two facial hair styles? Let's find out.

Some men are uncertain about choosing between a beard or goatee. One might think that the best way is to start growing facial hair and then pick a style depending on what suits your particular face shape.

However, understanding the difference between beard and goatee and other facial hair styles can help you make better choices. Check out what the different beard types are and what you should be considering when deciding on a timeless style that's best for you:

1. Facial Shape

It helps to understand how face shapes can affect how you choose between a goatee vs beard or other facial hairstyles.

A goatee looks best for anyone with a round face. Since a goatee is a chin beard, you'll seem to have a prominent chin if you have a rounded face and decide to have a goatee. The shape of your face will look different, giving it more precision, otherwise lacking in men with a round face.

Technically, an oval face shape means better symmetry, so you can wear a goatee beautifully if you have an oval face. Contrarily,  between a goatee or full beard, the rectangular face shape benefits more from the latter. It makes your face's lower half slimmer-looking.

If undecided between a goatee and beard, it also helps to know that a goatee works best in improving facial contours for men with pointed chins. Meanwhile, you can choose to go for a long goatee to create the impression of having a sharp jawline.

The circle beard is the most familiar goatee fashion, and it can give someone with a square face a more subtle look. Someone with a square face has a broad jawline, and a goatee can give it a more defined look, softening that sharp jawline.

However, if you have a square face shape, you may still wear a full beard. You only need to ensure that you go for a pointed or round stubble; otherwise, you will appear to have a chiseled jawline.

2. Patchy Beard

Some men grow facial hair that is quite patchy, but then with age, a patchy beard eventually becomes a full beard. Proper grooming will also help if you experience patchiness or uneven growth of hair, as doing so can release hair particles, allowing thicker beard growth.

It will be nice to try a circle beard or several goatee styles if you have a patchy facial hair concern. But only do so if you have a head with a rounded shape to sport a more sophisticated look.

Therefore, when choosing between a goatee or a beard, goatee styles come with a shorter stubble and are undoubtedly perfect for men with sparse beards.

But if your patchy stubble makes you feel less than confident, you have various ways of boosting beard growth naturally. You can take advantage of a beard brush and a beard balm to comb longer hairs in the direction of the patchy spots. 

However, improving your overall health is still your best option. Experts also recommend using moisturizing oil to offer you stellar results for your patchy stubble.

3. Hair Thickness

How thick your beard grows plays a significant role in picking what stubble styles are available to you. There are more styling options for thick beards; such versatility is one of its many advantages. A thick beard gives you freedom in choosing a style that closely matches your face.

Regardless of hair density, a full beard on a rectangular head shape will create an illusion of having an oval-shaped face.

Oval faces are the most adaptable; they can have a goatee and wear it well or rock a short, well-maintained beard. Thus, if you wish to have thicker hair to style your beard any way you want, then do not neglect to care for your skin.

Good blood circulation will stimulate growth and helps you have denser hair strands. Regular beard oil application can support growth too.

4. Beard vs Goatee Maintenance

The goatee being a short beard means it can be more convenient to wear. Goatee got its name because of how the facial hair grows; you get a beard similar to a goat. 

Maintenance is easier with a goatee since it has less hair, meaning less grooming is essential to keep it tidy.

Dedicated shampoos and conditioners are necessary if you have a full beard and significantly thicker hair. It will also require you to use beard oils and balms for constant moisturization to keep a full beard healthy.

Likewise, your need for more and more products continues to increase as your beard gets longer, including a beard comb or a brush.

All these are unnecessary if you choose to sport a goatee. But instead, you will require electric razors, trimmers, aftershave balms, and creams for a smoother shave.

5. Your Skin

How goatees or beards feel on your skin is part of your consideration when deciding on a suitable beard fashion. Dandruff may affect men with full beards, and they will need a quality conditioner to treat such a problem.

Since beards have coarser strands than the hair on your head, you will find it helpful to have proper moisturization in your regimen.

Nonetheless, those individuals aiming to conceal facial flaws will realize it's best to have a beard than a goatee.

It's still best to become fully aware that beard enthusiasts are more prone to having dry skin. 

If you go for a full beard, oils and balms are your best companion for hydration. A beard may not be ideal for you if you're unwilling to spend on such skincare products. 

The Most Common Beard Styles

Since the 80s, goatees, Van Dykes, full beards, and stubbles are the most popular in beard fashion. As the world becomes more globalized, new social styles and trends spread in a flash from country to country.

In today's society, beards are alluring and sensual attributes, affecting perceptions of men's sociosexual characteristics. More and more of these men choose to grow their facial hair for various reasons, whether fashion or personal.

One of the beauties of having your facial hair grow is the various ways you can wear and style it.

Moreover, facial hairs do more than protect you from sun damage and enhance your look. Stubbles also help draw attention away from receding hair due to hair loss. Hair loss in men can be due to several reasons, including hormones, genetics, and age.

Women love stubble, but of the two kinds that exist, any women prefer heavy stubble the most. But if you aim to impress an employer with a neat look, having a scruffy beard can do wonders for you.

Now that you understand how a  face shape determines the suitable beard style for you, here are some of the most common beard types nowadays:

1. Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble

This oval beard style consisted of short hair about a few days old and was made famous by George Michael and Don Johnson. Therefore, many also call it the three-day stubble beard, one with short hairs on the neck and cheeks.

2. Full Beard

Full Beard

The style is a classic expression of a male's beard, covering the entire face with long, thick hair. Even those men with oval faces will have no trouble rocking a bearded look, significantly if they trim it square or rounded for more definition.

3. Forktail


Thanks to Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Johnny Depp, the forktail, or the French fork, is among the most popular beard fashion. It is a casual style of a broad beard that ends in two points.

4. Goatee


A goatee is one among the square beard styles, a noticeable chin hair, upper lip, and lower lip. Such facial hair is also well-known as the circle beard resembling a schnauzer's distinctive fuzz.

5. Short Boxed Beard 

Short Boxed Beard

A classic pencil-thin round beard made famous by Russel Brand. Experts would not typically recommend such a style to anyone with a rounded face shape. However, men can still wear it as an alternative to the full-bearded look, except for the thinner trimmed sides.

6. Van Dyke Beard 

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke is a round beard style that makes a face appear slimmer. It's a disconnected, angled chin beard and a mustache that sometimes comes with a soft handlebar mustache.

7. Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard

It's a well styled beard that can showcase your creative skills, only slightly longer than a full beard. It often comes thick with a mustache and may or may not have twisted ends; such a style suits most men.

8. Short Faded Beard

Short Faded Beard

It's stylish facial hair with a beard similar to a fading haircut that starts from thick hair, fading to a clean-shaven look. The style looks perfect if you have a more rounded face shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a goatee a beard?

Yes, a goatee is a beard with a prominent tuft of hair on the chin. It's a stunning beard fashion highlighting masculinity, with hair growing from the chin and above the lip. Just think of a goat's whiskers as a goatee exactly looks like that, a little brother to the full-bearded look.

What is the fuss about the goatee vs full beard issue?

A goatee is one of the stubbles with a small, slightly pointed beard -- such hair grows anywhere but not the cheeks part as you can only see it on the chin. On the contrary, facial hair growth on your chin, lower cheek, and upper lip is what you may call a beard.

Despite the many differences you can note, these are the most you must remember in identifying whether that facial hair is a full beard or goatee.

How do you trim a long goatee?

Goatee trimming should start from the hair on your neck, cheeks, and above your lip using the appropriate attachment. After such, you start defining and shaping the goatee style you prefer, working your way from the neck to your chin's edges.

Use a hot towel over the area to prepare your skin for a clean shave against the direction of your hair growth with gentle, steady strokes. Lastly, don't forget to moisturize; at such time, you might find a beard comb, beard wax, or an oil handy for taming your goatee.

What beard style is the easiest to grow?

Of all the facial hair styles, it's undoubtedly the short stubble style that's the easiest to grow. You won't even have to put so much effort into maintaining a short stubble since it requires minimal shaving every few days.


The best kind of stubble depends on your personal preference. Some prefer having a bald head while others like a short or long haircut. 

Many styles now exist, and men celebrate having diverse choices that allow them to grow facial hair and express themselves uniquely. Nonetheless, considering your face shape is the most essential of all the things you must be mindful of when deciding on a beard style.

Pondering about full beard vs goatee can significantly impact your choice. It will help you decide what looks best on you, giving you more confidence to rock that facial hair in style.

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