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How Many Colognes Should A Man Have: We Count The Scents


A man's signature scent is a reflection of his character. In many ways, smell plays a profound role in our memory because nothing is as reminiscent as the sense of smell. Our unique fragrance lingers even after a few moments of leaving a room.


How many colognes should a man have? You probably think a man can't have just one bottle of scent suitable for all occasions. We think so, too.

So, please read on as we discover the exciting world of fragrances and how to enhance your cologne collection.

How Many Colognes Does A Guy Need

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Most gentlemen use various fragrances because they care about how others see them and would never want to become less attractive to females. Guys feel more confident if they know they are that sweet-smelling Adonis who effortlessly catches attention positively.

The apocrine glands near the armpits and genitals are responsible for our odor. When such a scent mixes with sweat and pollution we encounter all day, you can expect to have an undesirable odor.

For such reasons, it is typical for most men to keep a cologne collection. But how many colognes should a man have?

It takes no rocket science to know and understand how many colognes a man can have. Although, you might probably wonder what men benefit from such a collection.

There's no problem if you'd only like one bottle of cologne, but it's not a big deal if you prefer to keep several colognes, too.

How many fragrances a man has is similar to how they keep a wardrobe of various garments they can use for different occasions. Despite guys who find one bottle of perfume enough, others keep twenty bottles of different fragrances.

Many men think four to five colognes or perfumes would suffice; some keep a dozen for special occasions or formal events. Owning a second bottle of cologne or more of your favorite scents compliments your unique style.

Besides, if you want to know how many colognes you must have, many experts recommend having one for every season. Apart from the varying scents to suit every occasion, you must have one cologne to use for summer and another one for winter.

The base notes intensify when it's hot, and it's more challenging for scents to evaporate when it's cold. Men's fragrance that comes with a fresh scent, present in floral and citrus base notes, is more suitable for warmer days.

Such fragrances include pineapple, lemon, coconut, strawberries, bergamot, or jasmine. These scents smell pleasant and continue to linger as your body heat increases. 

A subtle scent profile is more suitable for the cold season; top notes or heart notes work best in winter. Lower body temperatures bring the best out of heavier, woody oriental fragrances, such as patchouli, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, oakmoss, and chocolate.

Such scents unravel beautifully and get stronger in winter. You can keep as many colognes as you wish, especially if doing so lets you enjoy switching up from using one cologne to another.

It's a matter of preference, and it comes with no hard and fast rules as to the number of colognes you can keep.

Why Men Keep Several Colognes Handy

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Before you decide on your signature scent, understand that men's fragrances come in different types and strengths. Consider using lighter scents such as citrus, oceanic, or more delicate florals if fragrances are more prominent on you.

After spritzing your cologne, you smell the top notes -- the heart notes remain after the top notes fade. On the other hand, base notes are long-lasting and linger in our memory.

Fragrance types include woody or chypre in feminine perfumes, oriental like musk and amber, and gourmand like vanilla; other types are floral, citrus, and fruity.

If you are not wearing a lighter scent, use Eau de Cologne with only two to four percent perfume oil instead of Eau de Parfum. Although, it's best to use heavier fragrances or layering if your scent fades too quickly. Lastly, you may expect Eau de Toilette to last four to seven hours. 

As we all know, no one wears the same outfit daily, and the same goes for fragrances. Nevertheless, several men and women prefer to wear one timeless fragrance and wouldn't want to search for a few more bottles.

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Here are the top considerations why someone would want to keep more than a bottle of cologne:

Nighttime or Daytime Fragrance

Nighttime or Daytime Fragrance

Generally, light and fresh fragrances, like floral, oceanic, and citrus aromas, are suitable for daytime use. When using them during the day, a hint of black pepper and rose base notes are head-turners. Neroli and herbal smells are fragrances you must not miss, too.

Contrarily, a highly-concentrated fragrance is more potent and ideal for your date night.

Base notes such as woody and musk mallow are suitable for romantic evenings as these scents are more intense. Even spice and sandalwood can help you rock your date night.

Seasonal Fragrance

Seasonal Fragrance

The notes create scents that linger, even as the scent profile remains unchangeable. Most are linear fragrances that do not smell differently the entire time you wear them.

Nevertheless, some scents evolve; they can even last longer, especially the bottom notes, unlike the top ones that fade the quickest. Using seasonal fragrances allows people to remain fragrant all the time.

Some studies show that scents are more potent in spring and summer, while a spicy note makes an unforgettable fragrance during cooler days.

If you worry that keeping various colognes is a pricey endeavor, there are some autumn perfumes that you may also use in winter, spring, and summer.

Various Occasions

Various Occasions

Different occasions require a vast range of diverse colognes, so specific individuals keep more than just a bottle of perfume. Despite citrus giving a prominent feel of summer, its fragrance is suitable for many occasions.

Men are least likely to use costly perfumes while doing their laundry, so some prefer lighter, fresher colognes when doing household errands.

A collection of fragrances gives men the freedom to alternate using one cologne to another; whichsoever is appropriate for the occasion. If you decide to stick to your first bottle of cologne and not invest in more fragrances, its scent must be suitable for diverse events.

Dapperly Point: Stashing colognes is good especially if you are the type of guy who goes out every night! One thing that you should remember is colognes do expire -- they evaporate, they run stale over time, and they might even freeze! Yes, you read that right. We wrote an article specifically on the issue of cologne freezing up -- Can Cologne Freeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for men to have many bottles of fragrances?

No, you don't need to have many different colognes but at least having more than a bottle of fragrance is good enough to give you various options. A single perfume may not cover all occasions and environments, which is why seasonal colognes exist.

Generally, it's best to have two or more perfumes handy, one you can use for hot weather and another for cold weather. Understanding seasonal fragrances are essential to bringing out the best in our fragrances. Season and geography influence the science of smell.

How much cologne should a man wear?

When using colognes, regardless of whatever type it is, always remember that less is more. Don't shower from your body spray since you only need a few spritzes unless you want your cologne to be overpowering.

Is it better to apply cologne on your skin or your clothes?

Contrary to the belief of several individuals, misting or spritzing your fragrance of choice in the air and walking through it is ineffective. Rubbing the wrists together is likewise counter-effective as well as spraying cologne on your clothes.

Instead, you can spray twice on both sides of your neck. Also, a spritz at least a foot away from the front of your shirt will do. Once the scent combines with your skin's aroma, that is where the magic happens.

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How many colognes should a man have? It might sound simple, but understanding why most guys can have many different colognes can be baffling if you are not into any collection of fragrances. Enticing aromas can uplift your mood; it makes you more desirable if you're nicely fragrant, look neat, and act classy.

If you invest in the right fragrance and have several scents to match every occasion, people perceive you as a well-put-together person. The diversity of fragrances in colognes or perfumes provides us pleasure.

However, each individual's senses have rights, and it is only proper to respect them, so don't overdo your cologne or perfume application.

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